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Putumayo: Making Music with Whole Kids Foundation

Drew Brees on Living Without Dairy

Give a Work of Art (That’s Also a Gift Card)

Gift-buying time is here and your list keeps getting longer. Panic sets in as your shopping options fade in the rearview mirror. And you’ve been resisting gift cards because they’re, well, gift cards.

Resist no more.


What to Do with Pumpkin Seeds


The Community Center that Pineapples Built


Mastering Fall’s Most Beautiful Trend: Red Lips

Model: Sarah Voigt. Hair, Makeup and Styling: Kristen Arnett. Photos: Evi Abeler.


Fast Food for Tweens

Feeding a tween is like riding a rollercoaster. Some days it’s exhilarating: we’re intrepid explorers, discovering new flavors together! Other times it’s the pits: we’re stuck in a rut and we’re going to be eating mac and cheese for the rest of our lives!

My 10-year-old son is by turns adventurous and avoidant. He loves sushi but hates sandwiches. He’s into spicy foods but refuses to taste bananas or mashed potatoes. As a busy parent, I’ve developed a few strategies to help my temperamental tween try new things and get the nutrients he needs:

Food52’s Best Bite-Sized Recipes for Your Little Sous Chef

Cooking projects with children are slightly intimidating, but fear not – cooking with your kids doesn’t have to be chaotic or end with the ingredients splattered all over the counters and floor.

Done right, cooking with your little sous chefs can be a great source of fun in the kitchen! And in addition to creating something delicious together, it builds valuable life skills.


The Very Versatile Butternut Squash

Win Putumayo’s New Café Latino with Flan Recipe

Read on for a chance to win a CD set of Putumayo’s best-selling Latin collection, available in most Whole Foods Market Stores. Dan Storper is the CEO and founder of Putumayo World Music. UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that participated! Congrats to our randomly chosen winner, Jorge!


Raising Kids on Organic Food

Ready, Set, Soup: Essential Ingredients to Have on Hand

Whether rich and luxurious or simple and sustaining, soup is one of the most popular meals on the planet. It’s my go-to lunch three seasons of the year, often consisting of no more than a variety of leftovers from the fridge anchored by a flavorful broth and spiked with a shot of hot sauce. Delicious!

What ingredients make for an excellent soup? A selection of seasonal vegetables are always a hit, as are hearty whole grains and a variety of fresh (or leftover!) proteins. Beyond that, here are my top suggestions for outfitting your pantry.


Ideas for Upcycling that Wine Bottle

Aileen Sevier writes about the wonderful world of wine for brands like protea. She holds the prestigious Diploma certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, an internationally recognized professional program. She’s sharing her favorite upcycling ideas with our readers.

Wicked Good Recipes

Hosting a party — or séance — this Halloween? Hoping to serve palate-pleasing snacks to your ghosts and goblins without the scary prices? You’re not alone. (Bwahaha!)

For Lily Munsters and Daddy Draculas on the prowl for devilishly delicious recipes that don’t suck their savings dry, here are a few spook-tacular recipes that fit the bill:


Food Trends: Beets

Cathy Strange’s role as global cheese and specialty foods buyer for Whole Foods Market® puts her in the unique position of travelling the world to not only discover and encourage the world’s great cheesemakers, but also to help advance the artisanal food movement and investigate the world’s emerging food trends. If a new preparation technique is causing ripples in Berlin or a centuries-old curing tradition is gaining a foothold in Seattle, Cathy knows about it.


Easy Vegetarian (and Vegan!) Meals

Slow cookers, stews, one-pot meals – these are the foundation of easy, satisfying weeknight meals. I love throwing a bunch of yummy ingredients together and having a satisfying dinner. My favorite vegetarian and vegan one-pot dishes are filled with greens, beans and grains, and I often use frozen grains and veggies and canned beans to simplify preparation even further.

These 8 recipes will get you to dinnertime with plenty of leftovers for a week of envy-inducing lunches.

We’re Celebrating our 365th Store with Giveaways Galore

A Good Date


Celebrate Poverty is Unnecessary Day With Us

Four Inspiring Salad Recipes from our Blogger Friends

Adding greens and veggies to our own diets can be a challenge – introducing them to our kids can drive us mad! Some kiddos might cringe at the sight of carrots or kale initially, but introducing tasty meals that are healthy and engaging them in conversations around where vegetables come from can plant the seed for a lifelong salad-lover.

Download This: Panna’s Thanksgiving, Reinvented

Panna logo

Just in time for cozy fall meals and the holiday cooking fest, Panna’s newest issue, Thanksgiving, Reinvented is here!


Ghoulishly Good Halloween Candy

As a child, a night of trick or treating typically ended in a monster game of trading candy with my siblings. As a mom of two, I’m still trading up when it comes to candy though now I’m swapping frightful mysterious ingredients for choices I feel good about.

Are you looking for treats, not tricks, this Halloween? Have no fear, Whole Foods Market® carries mummy-approved candy and treats that live up to the high quality standards of all our products. That means there are no hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors lurking in these treats.


Quick Breads for Slow-Cooked Meals

When fall arrives, I automatically start thinking about what meals I’m going to be creating in the slow cooker. It’s not just because of the cooler temperatures – the hustle and bustle of back-to-school routines and approaching holidays makes getting dinner on the table fast a priority.

Quick breads, biscuits and other no-yeast breads are a great way to round out a slow-cooker meal. They’re perfect for mopping up that last bit of broth in your bowl, and if you choose the right flavors, can be a wonderful complement to whatever has been bubbling away all day.


Food52’s Top 5 Recipes to Reinvent How You Cook With Oats

Oats can (and should!) be celebrated in so many recipes beyond oatmeal – from savory, creamy risottos to chewy granola bars and everything in between.  Forget about that processed oatmeal of breakfasts past and embrace these five recipes that give hard-working oats the attention and treatment they rightly deserve.

Photo by James Ransom


Kitchen Basics: Roasting Large Cuts of Meat

Just in time for the cooler fall weather and to gear up for the holiday cookfest fast approaching, here's an encore presentation of Food52's Kitchen Basics originally published last year.


5 Tips from a Kid Chef to Get Kids Cookin'

Ramen to Udon: Oodles of Asian Noodles

Living in Hawaii gave me a forever-love of Asian food, including a variety of Asian noodles perfect for all sorts of delicious dishes. Noodles are just as important to Asian cuisine as rice. In fact, Asian noodles are used abundantly in soups, stir-fries, salads and main dishes.


A Good Food Experience: The Day I Spent Judging Charcuterie

Deliciously Spooky Treats for a Halloween Party

Halloween is a fun time to dress up and cavort with ghosts and goblins – and also to collect yummy treats, but you can feel pretty ghastly after too many pieces of candy. That’s why our favorite deliciously spooky Halloween treats include some feel-good elements, too. Scare-up fresh fruit, nuts and seeds and whole grains (I’m looking at you, popcorn!) for a frighteningly balanced holiday spread.


New to our Aisles: October

Growing up in the Midwest, October meant a warm kitchen filled with aromatic baked goods, soups and sauces. Although I’m in a warmer climate now, I still equate autumn with some of my favorite flavors. Lucky for fall food lovers like me, Whole Foods Market® makes a great season even better with new delicious products to try.

These latest additions on our shelves are made without hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.


No-Fail Recipes for Busy Weeknights

Weeknights often mean everyone tumbles into the house at 6:00 pm after work, practice, rehearsal and commuting. Or the family trickles in one at a time – heading home from one obligation and then heading out to another. Weeknight dinners are tricky.

Handle all these shifting schedules with easy make-ahead meals and all-in-one family-friendly casseroles that anyone can pop in the oven. We also love recipes that welcome substitutions – making last-minute dinners a breeze. Bonus points for meals that make even better leftovers!



Food Trends: Hibiscus

Flower Power

I love the hibiscus flower! It’s edible, delicious and beautiful. Originally from Africa, these bright trumpet-shaped flowers thrive in any sunny, warm climate — there may even be hibiscus blooming in your back yard. Both the flower and the leaves have a tart, raspberry-like flavor and I’m seeing more and more products using hibiscus in interesting and delicious ways.

My Best Hibiscus Picks


DIY Apple Crumble Beauty Scrub

The crisp air and crunchy leaves of fall signal a new season! Just as the colors change, so do our skin and appetites. Autumn’s bounty of crisp and crunchy apples are the star ingredient for this “wear it or bake it (or both!)” beauty article.  

Presenting the “Apple Crumble Scrub”!


Banana Bread Beer Pancakes

Known amongst the craft beer community as The Beer Wench, Ashley Routson is a self-proclaimed craft beer evangelist and social media maven on a mission to advance the craft beer industry through education, inspiration and advocacy. Ashley is currently “Director of Awesomeness” at 


Autumn’s Vegetable Bounty

Hearty fall veggies are perfect for keeping on hand for nutrient-dense meals. Healthy eating guru Mary shares her favorites to have around so her family can enjoy autumn’s harvest any day.

The Value Guru's Go-To Comfort Food for Kids and Grownups

When you learn to cook, you learn to save. So when you’re talking about getting the whole family cooking, too many cooks in the kitchen can actually be a good thing.

Get cooking with the classic comfort dish Baked Pasta. Our version is a one-dish supper with a few healthful updates and a lot of easy options for what you’re craving or for what your pantry holds.