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pivot: We’ve Only Got One Earth

All April long, pivot is featuring programs on the theme of One Earth. Tune in and get inspired by the stories of everyday people who are taking care of the planet and going above and beyond to make a difference.

A Beauty Expert in the Grocery Aisles


Music Springs Eternal — Our Featured CDs for March

Springtime gives us energy to pursue new passions, rededicate ourselves to old ones and open up to the possibility of fresh discoveries. Tap into that energy with our 5 featured albums for March. Look for these CDs and more in many of our stores.

Read on to find out how to win a free signed copy of A Great Big World’s latest CD.

A Great Big World


Mindful Garden Irrigation

While watering a vegetable garden may not seem particularly daunting on the surface, it actually takes a high level of understanding and commitment to maintain your plants' vigor, while also utilizing the resource with conservation in mind.

Hot Cereals for Happy Mornings

Move over, plain oatmeal! Today’s hot cereals feature a variety of whole grains and toppings. There’s no way to get breakfast fatigue with these customizable bowls.

Wines from Italy: Molto Buono Recipe and Cheese Pairings

Stylish, seductive and just plain delicious, our featured wines from Italy not only pair wonderfully with these recipes and cheeses, they elevate them to a whole new level. Read on for wine and food pairing bliss!

The White Wines

A wide range of flavor notes makes a wine “food-friendly” and few wines are more friendly to food than Ruffino Orvieto Classico.


DIY Spring Cleaning

I live in Austin, Texas, where spring smells like…grape soda.

The Sophora secundiflora or Texas mountain laurel, is a popular native shrub whose flowers smell exactly like the Grape Nehi my grandpa used to drink. In my neighborhood, their sweet scent is a surefire sign that spring has arrived.

Plates for Passover

Whether you’re hosting a seder for the first time or the fifteenth time, the planning of the menu can be a little tricky. To help you find inspiration for that special meal, here are some of our favorite dishes for Passover.

Our Eco-Scale Rating System: A Cleaning Tool You Can Use

At Whole Foods Market, we believe shoppers have a right to know exactly which ingredients are in the products that touch their lives, including their cleaning products. That’s why we created the Eco-Scale® Rating System.

Colors of Spring: Orange

Hi there, orange! We’ve been waiting for your warm, zingy energy.

Orange is the “wow” part of sunsets – you remember those? Now they’re finally hanging on a little later than happy hour, and you don’t have to watch them in your rearview mirror on the way home from work.

Think of sweet-tart mangos and simmering saffron. Peachy-colored roses and bright turmeric-spiced curries. The paddle of duck feet, the flash of a bird’s beak. Bonus points for catching spring’s mascot – the bunny – chewing on an actual carrot.


Dark Rye: Epic

In this issue, Dark Rye highlights Revival through the animal experience of presence with the co-founders of EPIC protein bar. Here’s their story.


Playdate Fun: Carrot Muffins and Kale Quiche

Who says playground food can’t be healthy? Turn your next play date into a fun outing for the whole family with healthy snacks for adults and kids.

Cooking with Carrots

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with carrots in a variety of recipes and meals from soup to salad and beyond.

Ode to Orange in the Kitchen

Orange foods are an excellent way to add some flair to your daily feast. Try a few of these recipes.

Colors of Spring: Yellow

Hello, yellow!

After the dark winter, welcome yellow shines in the finally here rays of the sun; a golden, day-long opportunity to get out and warm up.

Look for fields of daffodils and buttercups, and zig-zagging lines of fuzzy ducklings making their way in the world. (We won’t begrudge you a Peep or two, either.)

Our favorite yellow is the barely green yellowy tinge of tiny new vegetables. How about the buttery yellow glow of, well, butter? Melting on a muffin on a not-as-chilly morning?


Mango Madness

Right now Whole Foods Market stores are loaded with peak-season Ataulfo mangoes from Mexico. Blended in a cocktail, chopped in chutney or cut into wedges – all it takes is one taste of these sweet, silky fruits and you might become addicted.

Let’s Talk Cheese Tasting

Follow these simple tasting tips as you explore the intriguing world of cheese.

23 Ways to Add Flavor with Lemons

If life’s giving you lemons, make more than just lemonade! Lemons add brightness and zingy flavor to a variety of dishes from soup to dessert.

Favorite Fish Dishes

Five of Food52’s favorite, most crowd-pleasing fish recipes.

Salmon: The Perfect Starter Fish

No doubt you also know someone who turns up their nose at the mere idea of fish, but the versatile salmon can change that. Coating with a crust of crunchy breadcrumbs or simmering in a spicy sauce can add tremendous excitement to the humble salmon.

Sunshiny Yellow Spring Recipes

From rich egg yolks to sweet mangos, yellow pops in the kitchen and shines on your plate.

Colors of Spring: Green

Greetings, green!

Spring’s truest sign, green tells us that things are finally turning over; leaves uncurling in miniature on all those previously-bare branches.

The most tender (and tasty) bites of the season signal their arrival with a little shoot of green: Peas and radish tops, or brave asparagus stalks creeping up from the dark ground. The eyes of your littlest one open wide in wonder at what their green garden is growing.

Take a moment to just sit and be in the green grass. Maybe you’ll find your lucky clover.


This Week on pivot: Dark Rye’s Emerge Episode

This week’s Dark Rye episode on pivot emerges from befuddlement! Which is how all the most fantastic things begin. We wonder, we scratch our chins, we wish things could be more interesting, more green, more clever. And the brave ones among us? They do it.

The Truth About Farmed Salmon at Whole Foods Market

The mild, satisfying flavor & melt-in-your mouth texture of farmed salmon is pleasing to kids & adults alike, yet unanswered questions about its origins may leave a bad taste in your mouth. We debunk six myths about farmed salmon at Whole Foods Market.

Reduce, Reuse, Revive!

Sean Lovett, the environmentally driven business steward behind revive kombucha, is challenging the industry to do business differently by moving the spotlight from his product to the sustainable context in which his product is produced.

Explore the Music of Putumayo’s Native America

Putumayo brings together a collection of music by singer-songwriters and instrumentalists who draw inspiration from the traditions of their indigenous North American ancestors for its latest release, Native America.

Cabbage, the Versatile Vegetable

While cabbage has a rich history with traditional Irish fare, it’s also a mainstay of cuisines from around the world. Cabbage is often eaten raw in salads and slaws like but it’s also delicious braised, sautéed or baked with meats or other vegetables.

Getting Started in the Garden

If I've learned anything from years of growing kitchen gardens, it is this: vegetables and herbs cannot thrive on excitement alone. To help you avoid future frustration, here are a few tips to get you growing in the right direction.

Satisfying Center-Plate Salads

You might only consider salad when trying to round out a meat-based dinner, but salads can shine as the main dish. By switching up the ingredients from fruits to herbs to beans, you can create an entirely new flavor combination that keeps your salads exciting.

How Kids Can Grow Food + a Giveaway

Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses that add flavor, texture and contrast to a salad or sandwich. Most varieties go from seed to sprout in about five days making it a great project for kids.

Eye Cream Insight

The delicate skin around your eyes get a workout every time you smile, laugh or squint. Age, dryness and sun exposure also contribute to fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Fight premature aging and choose an eye cream that’s tailored to fit your skin’s needs.

Three Easy Ways to Renew Yourself this Spring

Spring has sprung! While everything in nature is busy turning over a shiny new leaf, why not follow suit with a little spring renewal of your own? Here are three easy ways to freshen up your life as the days lengthen and the ground thaws.

1. Renew Your Kitchen


Salute to the Wines of Italy

The wines of Italy pour into the glass with more aplomb, swirl with more grace and deliver exquisite notes of flavor with more passion and panache than other wines of the world. We’re sharing eight of our favorites.

Colors of Spring: Pink

Welcome, pink! We’ve been waiting all winter for you. Flirty and flushed, pink is the rosy dawn of a new season. This beauty pops up everywhere: The crabapple and the cherry blossom. The early edges of dawn and twilight. On the cheeks of your favorite folks as they bustle around outdoors.

Spring Pantry Spruce-Up: Making the Most of Those Bits and Pieces

I love a good spring cleaning and as you might imagine, much of my ardor is focused on the kitchen. We’re starting to see the buds of a new season (well, most of us – in like a lion, out like a lamb, remember), but it’s still pretty chilly overall, so now feels like perfect time to scrounge around in your cabinets and get cooking.

After an informal office poll, I found these five (handy) troublemakers at the top of our list. For a new start, clean out your pantry, make something delicious, then head to the store for a refresh.


Eat Green

Want to bring a little bit o’ luck to your table? This time of year, green is literally popping up in the garden in the form of tender lettuces, sweet peas and the soldier-like asparagus standing tall.

Green foods are just what we need after a long, cold winter. Its freshness livens and invigorates the table. And who can resist the simple perfection of a pea?

Add some green to your meals with these emerald-hued recipes.


We Got the Beets

With their sweet, earthy flavor, beets are delicious steamed, roasted, boiled, pickled and raw. Salads, soups, sides and more — we’re highlighting a bevy of beet recipes.

Fab Fish Fridays

Growing up in Wisconsin, fish Fridays were a big deal. The fish was almost always beer-battered lake perch, which no one seemed to mind, especially if it came with French fries and slaw!

These days, I look to fish Fridays as a way to stretch my cooking fins and try different preparations and varieties of fish, as well as make dinner a bit healthier than those fried meals of the past. Baked, broiled and even grilled fish all have special flavors that should be celebrated.


Smile! It's Tulip Time

Tulips are happiness on a stem. Making a tulip arrangement is a great way to cheer up your winter mood and add a splash of color to your home. There are enough tulip colors to have a different look every week. And because tulips continue to change and grow after they are cut, your arrangements will have a new look every day!