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New Music Picks

Our friends at Inspire have pulled together 6 of their picks from the music selection you’ll find at many of our stores.

Simple Summer Sprouts + a Giveaway

Sprouts are easy and quick to grow – all you need are sprouting seeds, sprouting lid, a jar, and water! Here are some of our favorite summer recipes and a giveaway to get you started.

Big Batch Salads

Food52 shares their strategy to make a double or triple batch of a salad that can work for lunches, side dishes and a main meal for dinner. Even better is that these salad recipes are bursting with the nuttiest, berriest, spiciest flavors you can imagine.

Do a Body Good, Fast

Our lives are busy and it’s hard to fit everything in, including eating for variety and essential nutrients. Supplements can help, and they can support optimal health, as well.

Read on to learn about a special 3-day sale happening August 1-3, 2014: Buy shelf-stable Engine 2 Plant-Strong™ Almondmilk or shelf-stable 365 Everyday Value® Organic Almondmilk and get 40% off Vega Protein Smoothie. 


Get More from Tomatoes in Season

I believe tomatoes are one of the best things about summer, so let’s celebrate them! Here are seven tips for making the most of tomatoes this season.

How to Save Money on Your Weekly Shop

After working with Whole Foods Market for more than seven years, I’ve picked up tons of tips on how to save money in each aisle. Here are 10 of my favorites.

Peachy-Keen Ways to Enjoy Peaches

Each summer I look forward to adding fresh, ripe, juicy-sweet peaches to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts in a variety of ways. Of course, eating peaches out of hand is always a favorite, but why stop there?

Grill Once, Eat Twice

You can fire up the grill once and cook enough for two meals ― tonight's dinner, plus extras that can be turned into a second, different meal.

Have a Plan and Shop Like a Pro

Planning a shopping trip is not a lost art—it’s a smart tool to get the most for your money. Here are six steps to plan the perfect grocery adventure on a budget.

Hitting the Street for San Francisco’s Best Summer Food Festival

Harvindar Singh, the local forager for Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California and Reno, invites you to the best summer food festival to meet some of his favorite local foodmakers.

Cultivate the Community: The Improbable City

If it takes a village to raise a child, what’s it take to raise a village? In Part 1 of Dark Rye’s Cultivate Issue, we’ll meet a small handful of people who channel all their efforts toward the cultivation of their communities.

Three Fun Ways to Keep Cool with Cukes

Lady Moon Farms is excited to be the first produce grower to sponsor Whole Kids Foundation and support schools and inspire families to improve children’s nutrition and wellness.

Quick Pickle It

I’ve yet to meet a quick pickle I don’t like. Honestly, what wouldn’t benefit from a dunk in the sweet-salty tang of brine? The best part about quick pickling — the benefits are quick to come by, and they’re unreasonably addictive at that.

Veggies on the Grill

Meat gets all the glory when it comes to the grill, but vegetables are just as delicious when cooked over a fire. The results are so versatile you’ll be wondering why you weren’t grilling everything.

Royal Addition: A Cheese Fit for a Prince


How to Make the Most of Plum Season

Plums are wonderful grilled, sautéed, poached, baked and broiled. They are also interchangeable in recipes that call for other stone fruit, so experiment. Here are some ideas and recipes for enjoying this season’s plum harvest.

5 Things You Never Thought to Do With Tomatoes

A can of tomatoes or a couple pounds fresh from the market — the kitchen can be a place of exploration: an easy path to a burden-free dinner, bursting with juicy, tomato goodness. The editors of Food52 are ramping up your typical recipes with five unusually delicious newcomers to the tomato game.

Calling All Veggies, Front and Center!

Seeing the vibrant summer eggplants, peppers, tomatoes and fresh ears of corn come into our stores sparks some instant kitchen inspiration. I celebrate these bright flavors by turning them into dishes that are so satisfying that I don’t miss having meat as an entrée.

Delicious Ways to Use Lemonade

Here’s a cool party trick: Invite lemonades and limeades to your next summer gathering for a delicious versatile addition. Sure you can simply serve them as-is but why stop there? Freeze, blend and muddle…get creative for summer’s coolest treats.

How to Host an Ice Cream Float Party

An ice cream float party is a festive way to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. With a little advance planning, you can maximize choices while minimizing mess and stress.

Cold Dishes for the Dog Days of Summer

We get it, it’s hot out. To enjoy what you can of the dog days of summer, follow our lead. This is the time to be enjoying the sudden influx of beautiful summer produce, in all their raw, crunchy glory. Here are 6 recipes to celebrate the crisp veggies while they last.

Which Fish to Choose: The Mercury Question

“What about mercury in fish?” That’s a frequent question at our seafood counters that we’ll try to tackle here.

Salsa: More Than Chips and Dips

Salsa is about way more than chips. It’s a compilation of fresh ingredients designed to complement and enhance a wide array of fabulous food from soup to appetizers, mains to sides and even dessert.

Summer Fun, Outside and In

Whole Kids Foundation® has loads of cool ideas for you and the kids this summer, including tips on how to make your garden grow and how to navigate those bulk bins at Whole Foods Market®.

10 Essentials for Eating Well on the Road

Take a road trip on any budget with these 10 essentials for eating well on the road.

Solutions for the Ramadan Table

Are you observing Ramadan or simply searching for quick delicious meal options? Saffron Road’s halal frozen entrées, frozen chicken nuggets, organic crunchy chickpea snacks, appetizers, broths, simmer sauces and desserts make it easy.

Everyone Screams for Great Ice Cream

Whether you’re making ice cream sundaes or sandwiches, no amount of sprinkles can mask the taste of bad ice cream, so start with the good stuff. Here’s the scoop on our ice creams: there are no hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Cherries

Because cherry season is short and sweet — very sweet — I’m determined to seize the day. I’ve devised a foolproof two-part plan to enjoy cherry season to the fullest.

DIY Preserving: Three Super-Easy Techniques to Try this Summer

You don’t have to turn your kitchen into a steaming canning factory to preserve great summer fruits and veggies. Anyone can tackle easy preserving projects like freezing, drying and pickling on a relaxingly small scale.

Try Something New on the Grill

Move over New York strip steak. I’m ready for something new. Luckily, Beau Klose, one of our expert meat guys here in Texas, helped me navigate the meat counter pointing out hidden gems sure to make my summer more delicious and my grilling more adventurous.

Fabulous Fruit Salads

A good fruit salad can be simple with just a few fruits tossed together or elaborate with exotic fruits, sauces, nuts, chocolate, cheese and more. In fact, some of the tastiest fruit salads include vegetables too.

Food52’s Favorite Ways to Preserve Summer Fruit

What to do when those perfumy peaches you bought for a hypothetical tart start feeling too squishy for baking? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. While there are endless ways to preserve summer fruit, we’ve collected a list of our favorite options. From fruit-infused vinegar to rhubarb-gin jam, you’ll be enjoying your summer fruits well into the next season.


Whole Trade Sows Opportunities

When you buy a Whole Trade product, a portion of what you paid goes into a development fund for producers, farm workers and their communities. Hear how they are using these funds to improve their quality of life.

A Fresh Guide to Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails benefit from the season’s abundance of fruit and herbs. Here are our favorite fresh tips for summertime drinks.

Harvesting, Drying and Using Garden Herbs

Cecilia Nasti shares her best tips on drying and using the herbs from your garden.

Chilled Whites, Spicy Reds: Summer Wines and Their Perfect Food Pairings

Every season has its food focal points and great wines to go with them! Here we focus on some of our Top 10 Wines of Summer and their perfect food pairings.

Sensational Swordfish

Ready to expand your fish repertoire? Meaty and rich, swordfish is like no other fish you’ve had before.

Affordable Fruit Desserts

Tart cherries. Juicy peaches. Sweet strawberries. Pick peak-season fruit for that sweet spot where flavor and affordability live.