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Grilled Turkey: A Thanksgiving Game Changer

This Thanksgiving, set tradition aside and grill your turkey! For those of you who live in warmer climates, this might not seem totally outrageous, but anyone who’s braved snow drifts before mashed potatoes, knows grilling beyond Labor Day isn’t commonplace. But hear me out…

Thanksgiving Dinner: Planning How Much to Serve

Rev up your cooking engines — it’s time to start planning for the holidays! No matter what you decide to make, you need enough for everyone, and we can help with these guidelines for how much to serve at Thanksgiving dinner.

7 Tips for Your Best Turkey Yet

From buying and brining to cooking and carving, we’re dishing on everything you need for the best Thanksgiving turkey yet!

Simple Tips for a Stylish Holiday Table

Thanksgiving is around the corner and the holiday season is almost here! It’s finally safe for those of us who’ve been eagerly waiting to dust off the decorations and I’ve put together a few simple tips that will help you up your décor game.

A Fall Favorite: Butternut Squash

Each fall, I look forward to indulging in a variety of butternut squash recipes, some simple staples like Roasted Butternut Squash, some popular like Classic Butternut Squash Soup and others that are more experimental, like butternut squash pancakes.

How to Make Wine Lovers Really Happy this Holiday

Searching for the perfect gift for a wine lover? A subscription to Wine Club by Whole Foods Market has you covered by shipping six carefully curated, hard-to-find wines right to their doorstep.

Quick Guide to Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes and sweet potatoes may be basic staples for cold weather menus, but there’s nothing boring about them. The options are endless for holiday feasts and everyday evenings.

Handwashing: the Best Way to Wash and When to Sanitize

Get ready — we’re heading into prime cold and flu season! Here are some hand-washing tips to help reduce your odds of being one of the 5 to 20% of Americans who come down with flu each year.

Holiday Solutions for Special Diets

No gluten? No dairy? No soy? No problem at Whole Foods Market! Our experts and in-store healthy eating specialists have curated special diet-friendly picks that are delicious enough for everyone to enjoy.

Be Prepared for Holiday Baking

Creating cookies, cakes and pies together doesn’t have to be a big production. If you stock your pantry with baking staples, you’ll be ready whenever the mood strikes your brood. (Got cousins or grandkids visiting? Baking together is a great way to bond!)

The Spear-it of Sharing: Whole Trade Asparagus

When you bite into a spear of Whole Trade® asparagus, the first thing you’ll notice is exceptional quality and flavor. It pairs well with the delicious knowledge that your meal is helping to make real improvements in real peoples’ lives.

Curry: a Global Favorite

Curry dishes can be made from a variety of meats, fish and poultry, vegetables and legumes. Cooks around the world rely on an assortment of spices and varying flavors, creating inspiring delights.

Quick Guide to Winter Squash

One of the season’s all-star ingredients is winter squash. They pair well with a variety of flavors from cinnamon and cumin to coconut oil and toasted nuts making them a versatile choice for celebrations and weekday meals.

Get to Know: Quinoa

Let’s explore the world of special ingredients together! We’ll do the research and make some mistakes in the kitchen so you don’t have to. Today, experiment with quinoa, an ancient seed that’s been making waves as a modern superfood.

Holiday Pantry Prep: Shop Now to Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

Last-minute shopping trips tend to be a little disjointed. If you’d like to make healthier choices (and spend more of your precious holiday with friends and family), it helps to plan ahead.

Crazy for Cocoa

While we most often associate cocoa with sweet treats, it’s a fine addition to some savory dishes as well. Some cooks like to add a bit of cocoa powder to a pot of chili, a rich savory sauce or bean soups and stews. Here are some more delicious ways to enjoy cocoa.

Quick Dinners for a Happy Halloween

On Halloween night many of us are so focused on making sure our kids have their perfect costume and on handing out healthy treats that dinner falls by the wayside. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are plenty of delicious ways to get dinner on the table in a hurry, even if your robots and ninjas are already in costume.

Spooktacular Treats for Halloween

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween bash or just want some tasty snacks before heading out to trick-or-treat, these recipes are sure to be a hit.

14 Ways to Enjoy Fall Flavors

Why I Cook with Shallots

Shallots are valued for their mild flavor, which has been called a perfect union of onion and garlic. Although they have many similarities to onions and garlic, their flavor is more sweet, mild and delicate. Shallots add flavor to a wide variety of recipes from soups and sauces to dressings and stuffings.

Our Top Picks for American Cheese Month

October is American Cheese Month, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the country’s best cheeses.

Mom's Cooking Experiment: Broccoli Bread

I love bread. I love broccoli! Why not broccoli bread? I was excited to see what would happen when I combined the two. This recipe for Broccoli Bread is simple and affordable and provides my family with another unique way of eating vegetables.

DIY Facial Mist

Fall weather brings its own special skin-care challenges. If your skin is looking parched this make-at-home facial mist delivers dewy, glowing skin at a moment’s notice. It’s the perfect purse-size companion for fall parties and holiday travel.

10 Things To Do With Pasta Sauce (Beyond Pasta)

Mama mia! Who knew your favorite quick meal must-have — pasta sauce — could be used for so much more than simply topping spaghetti?