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Hemp History Week: Sow the Seed + a Sale

It’s the 6th annual celebration of Hemp History Week and our US stores are closing out the week with sales on select products that contain hemp. But first a bit about what Hemp History Week is all about.

Fun Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

I have water accessible nearly everywhere my kids go, and I offer them water a lot. However, I make sure that they are getting hydration from other sources too including fruits, veggies, other drinks and even dessert. Yes, dessert!

The Best Meat Choice for Grilling

Our meat is from animals raised to high standards that address antibiotic use, added hormones, animal byproducts in feed and animal welfare.

Your Kids’ Best Staycation Yet

Here are a few kid-approved recipes that will boost the flavor and fun of your staycation.

A Twist on Summer: Stone Fruit on the Grill

Get grilling! The alchemy of summer stone fruit with heat and smoke is as versatile as it is irresistible.

Potato Salads for Summer

Versatile potato salads are one of summer’s staple dishes. So if you haven’t experimented beyond the basic recipe, now is the time!

Flawless Summer Festival Hair

From heat and humidity to sweat and sun, music festivals present a myriad of challenges for pretty hair. I took a quick poll of my festival-fanatic friends to find out how they stay cool and look cool too. Here are their top six tips.

7 Summery Gluten-Free Desserts

Thanks to naturally gluten-free berries, cherries, melons, and more, you can enjoy the sweet tastes of the summer, even if you’re avoiding gluten.

4 Tips for Applying Sunless Tanner

Was your first experience with sunless tanner not a particularly sunny one. Never fear! Sunless tanners have come a long way. For a sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays, read the product instructions carefully and follow these four simple tips.

Summer Drinks: Punches, Coolers, Aguas Frescas and More

Raise a toast laid-back summer entertaining with a big pitcher of something cold and colorful, slightly sweet but thoroughly refreshing, preferably with fruit floating in it. Besides prettying up your party, the beauty of big-batch drinks means everyone (even the host) can sit back and enjoy. So what’s the secret to a good party punch? Here are a few tips, tricks and recipes.

9 Ways to Cook with Coconut Oil This Summer

Pasta Salads: a Summer Staple

Pasta salads are fun, versatile and portable, making them ideal for summer gatherings. With a wide range of pastas made from a variety of whole grains, including gluten-free options, there’s something for everyone.

Vegan Foods That Celebrate Summer

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Grill

Hot Value Tips for Summer Grilling

Are you fired up for backyard barbeques but fearful of your budget going up in smoke? Thanks to The Whole Deal® value guide, it’s easy to get the fire going without burning a hole in your pocket.

Five Brilliant Marinade Ingredients (They’ll Last You All Summer!)

Our Quality Standards: No Added Hormones*

As our Farm Animal Quality Standards Coordinator, Liz focuses intently on animal welfare. She works with farmers and ranchers, visiting farms all over the country and taking some awesome photos along the way.

First off, none of the meat Whole Foods Market sells comes from animals raised with added hormones. Period. No exceptions.

We know that using hormones in meat production can be a controversial and confusing issue. Let’s break it down and explain.

Get to Know Tamari and Shoyu

Savory tamari and slightly sweeter shoyu impart flavor to soups, dressings, marinades and meat, fish and vegetable dishes making these soy sauces delicious additions to your pantry.

4 Ways to Keep Your School Garden Growing All Summer

A Memorable Spread to Kick Off Summer

Even though the official start of summer isn’t for another month, to me Memorial Day means the start of summer, getting together with friends and enjoying the season’s bounty. Here are a few of my favorite tips, ideas and recipes for your Memorial Day gathering.

I Love Goat Cheese

Made with goat’s milk (of course!), goat cheeses range in taste from strong and pungent, to delicate and mild. They come in many shapes and delight with textures from creamy to crumbly to semi-firm. And who knew that something so simple could taste so good?

On Sale: Cosmetics and Nail Color for Fresh Summer Looks


Nature’s Ways to Keep Mosquitos and Bugs at Bay

Do you love the outdoors, but find that bugs and mosquitos love you more? Fortunately, nature and her beneficial botanicals, almost always provides a solution.

It’s Time for a Diaper Change

Every child deserves basic necessities, and a pack of diapers can have a big impact on a family needing to choose between buying food and buying diapers. That’s why we’re partnering with Seventh Generation to help babies in need in our shoppers’ communities throughout the US.