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1 Green Thing: Reusing and Reducing Waste

Going green can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, so we are sharing our favorite earth-friendly tips and tutorials throughout the upcoming month. First up: Hoe to cut back on waste.

Rosé Wines: What to Know and What to Drink

Rosé wines appeal to a broad range of wine lovers and are the perfect drink to enjoy this spring. Get to know this refreshing wine and find out which bottles to snag now.

Cooking with Blackberries

Blackberries are especially a favorite; as the large juicy berries are filled with sweet-sour flavor that make them a delight to eat.

Favorite New Recipe: Mango Upside-Down Cake

We asked Molly Siegler, our food editor, to share one of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen.

Lunchbox Pranks for April Fools’ Day

This April Fools' Day, pack a prank! Get in on the fun with these silly suggestions for your loved ones’ lunchboxes — googly eyes included.

A Pan for All Seasons

Get to Know Tigernuts

Tigernuts have been around for thousands of years, but recent interest in Paleo and raw diets have helped catapult them into the public eye. Here’s how to use them.

Ace Your Meals with Asparagus

Asparagus may win the all-around-good-veg contest for its easy prep, multitasking culinary ability and nutritious profile.

Strawberry Cream Scones: Freshly Made

Get the Recipe: Strawberry Cream Scones

How to Make Raised Beds

Even if it’s still too early to put spinach in the ground, now is a great time for building raised beds. Jack Algiere, the vegetable farm manager from Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, has these words of wisdom.

The Bounty of Vegan Brunch

Get your brunch on with the best tips and recipes for relaxed weekend feasting.

Dyeing Easter Eggs, the Natural Way

Why use natural dyes? For starters, you probably already have many of the ingredients in your pantry. It’s also a great way to combine a science lesson with fun, and there are no worries about what might be in those mysterious dye packets.

Reasons to Choose Plant-Based Hair Care

I’m not a fan of artificial fragrances — or the phthalates with which they’re sometimes formulated. So I was very excited when Whole Foods Market introduced its new line of Plant-Active hair care featuring 97% plant-derived ingredients and custom-blended plant aromatics.

Get to Know Veggie Noodles

What's hot in the kitchen? Veggie noodles, and here's how to turn produce into pasta!

Favorite New Recipe: Vegan Deviled Eggs

We asked Molly Siegler, our food editor, to share one of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen.

Feel-Good Noodle Soups

It might not be the cure-all for flu, but a good chicken noodle soup is the perfect feel-good food. Here’s how to make the best!

Spring Entertaining on a Budget

Fresh flowers around the house, bright seasonal vegetables on your plate, green things popping up — spring is a time to celebrate! Luckily there’s no need to break the bank while entertaining friends and family for Easter, Passover or other spring festivities. Here are our favorite money-saving tips for spring parties.

What to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day

There’s no need to reach for green food dye to have a festive beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Expert Mary Guiver spills secrets on which drinks to reach for this holiday.

Calling all Tastemakers!

With so many talented chefs and creative recipe developers at Whole Foods Market, we needed an outlet to share their fresh ideas and delicious concepts with the real tastemakers – you! We’re so excited to share the launch of our first-ever food truck test kitchen.

St. Patrick's Day Fare

Make a recipe or plan a whole menu to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Choose from traditional Irish fare or green-themed foods.

Beauty Oils for Every Skin Type

The key to using beauty oils correctly is choosing an oil that suits your skin. We’ve broken down some of the most popular beauty oils by skin type and paired them with favorite products from each category.

Enjoy Pie for Dinner on Pi Day

March 14 is affectionately known as Pi Day. Celebrate with savory pie for dinner with these recipes.

Get to Know Matcha

It’s time to get on the matcha train! More than just a tea, it’s a great ingredient for adding flavor, color and antioxidants to your favorite treats. Here’s how.

The Art of Artichokes

Spring artichokes are here! Celebrate with new and classic recipes for this veggie favorite.

Quinoa Egg Bake: Freshly Made

We asked our production assistant Marie Guggedahl to share one of her favorite new recipe videos coming out of the studio.

10 Smart Ways to Garden on a Budget

Wondering how to create a wow-worthy garden without barely spending a dime? Here are tips from an expert on how to scavenge, barter and borrow, and what to build-from-scratch and grow yourself.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Make your own earth- and wallet-friendly household cleaning products; it’s easy and you just might have everything you need around the house right now.

How to Make Tartines

Meet the tartine (also know as an open-faced sandwich, bruschetta, toast…) — your new favorite way to eat everything. All you need is excellent bread, an interesting spread and these recipes and ideas!

Cleaning up the World of Cleaning Products

Unhappy with the ingredients in many cleaning products, one dad decided to create his own line of kid-friendly cleaning products.

Our Favorite Ham Recipes

I love using spiral-sliced ham because it means less work for me! Here are several of my favorite ham recipes, plus ideas for leftovers.

Your Shop Can Benefit Her Shop

During the month of March, we’re making it easy to make the world a better place. Round up your grocery bill at the registers during March 1-14 and donate those pennies to Whole Planet Foundation® for global poverty alleviation.

Get to Know Pulses

2016 has been declared the “year of pulses” and with good reason. These nutritional powerhouses are eaten all over the world as an economical and easy-to-prepare vegetarian staple.

Soap That Works to Alleviate Poverty, Plus a Sale

With the help of generous customers and supplier partners like Alaffia, Whole Planet Foundation is helping to alleviate poverty in countries where Whole Foods Market sources products.

Start Fresh in March

Editorial Director Kara Chiles throws open the windows, surveys the cupboards and considers our options for spring.

Cooking with Mangoes

It’s hard to not be drawn to mangoes, with their pretty hues a reminder of the sweet, juicy flavor hiding just under the skin.