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Many Ways with Mung Beans

Even though mung bean sprouts are nothing new for Southeast Asian-inspired salads, soups and stir-fries, the actual tiny mung bean is having its moment. Here’s how to use them.

Discover New Favorites: Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold-brewed coffee is light and refreshing, making it an appealing alternative to hot coffee in the summer. Enter Califia Farm’s ready-to-drink cold-brewed coffees — here are a couple of their latest and greatest additions.

Gifts for Mom

A truly great Mother’s Day gift captures the recipient’s distinct style, tastes and interests. To help you celebrate the mamas, grandmas and maternal figures in your life, we’ve pulled together this shopping guide for all kinds of mothers — from the traditionalist to the DIY diva.

10 Ways to Say Cheers on Cinco de Mayo

Go beyond the margarita to find a truly special drink to serve up this Cinco de Mayo. We’ve got options that are fit for adults and kids, so your fiesta can be an all-ages affair. With fruit infusions and new ways to serve up cerveza, this May 5 no one needs to go thirsty.

Mother’s Day Brunch — Two Ways!

Pamper Mom this Mother’s Day with a delightful brunch. We have two menus for your consideration — one at home and the other as a picnic!

Awesome Avocados


Favorite New Recipe: Homemade Honey Marshmallows

We asked Molly Siegler, our food editor, to share one of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen.

New Ways to Cook with Bananas

Bananas. We think they deserve to be appreciated for being more than simply the world’s easiest snack. So we’re exploring the versatility of creamy dreamy bananas. Milk, ice cream and frozen pops, you bet.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste Footprint

The shopping, cooking, and eating habits of every day consumers are responsible for the bulk of wasted food, which is actually good news — it means we have the power to make a significant and immediate change in the food waste equation.

5 Tips for Eating Mindfully

Springtime begets spring cleaning, and a great opportunity to think through your food choices and make the most of snacks and mealtimes. Here are five tips to make meals matter and eat mindfully.

Get to Know Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is used all over the world and is especially prominent in Indian cuisine, where it is used for a wide variety of dishes from breakfast to dessert.

In Praise of Bay Scallops

Bay scallops are a dream in the kitchen — easy to prepare, quick to cook and sensationally succulent.

How I Celebrate Passover

Food Editor, Molly Siegler, shares her traditions plus tips for hosting a Passover Seder.

Matzoh Granola: Freshly Made

There are endless granola recipes online, but this recipe for Matzoh Granola shines bright amongst the masses because instead of oats it uses matzoh.

Loving Leftover Matzoh

Leftover matzoh is one of Passover’s greatest challenges – I’ll admit to letting a lonely box linger for years. Use up leftover matzoh in the weeks following Passover & you’ll be that much more delighted to see the boxes line your shelves again next year.

Celebrating Women and Food at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee

It’s amazing what happens when you get a group of ambitious women who share the same passion for food in one room for a special reason, to simply support and learn from one another. That’s just what happened at the Third Annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee in New York City.

Achieve Picnic Perfection

Spring is a great time to take your meal outdoors. Get our favorite tips, recipes and products for dining outside.

1 Green Thing: Helping to Protect Pollinators

Going green can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, so we are sharing our favorite earth-friendly tips and tutorials throughout the month. This week, we're sharing six ways to help protect pollinators.

Prepping for Passover: From Gefilte Fish to Grape Juice

Every year, our grocery buyers work with trusted suppliers to source classic and innovative products that are kosher for Passover. These Passover favorites meet our trusted Quality Standards — that means no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives — and they include organic, biodynamic, gluten-free and fair trade options.

Get to Know DIY Plant Milks

Whether you’re abiding by a strict dairy-free diet or you just like to experiment with different milks in your smoothies and cereals, you can make vegan plant milk from grains, seeds, nuts and even fruits at home. Here’s how.

9 Perfect Plates for Passover

Whether you’re hosting the family Seder or just need to a few dishes to round out the rest of the week, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few Passover recipes for tasty inspiration.

The Ocean’s Nutritional Superstar: Seaweed

Sustainable, vegan and delicious, seaweed has plenty of qualities to boast.

How to Attract Beneficial Bugs

You can purchase and release beneficial insects in your garden, but why go through the trouble and expense when they will show up on their own? All you need is the right habitat. Here's how.

Favorite New Recipe: Roasted Garlic Matzoh Ball Soup

We asked Molly Siegler, our food editor, to share one of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen. 

Get the Recipe: Roasted Garlic Matzoh Ball Soup

Cooking with Lesser-Known Spring Vegetables

Dandelions, fiddleheads, ramps and more! Branch out with recipes and tips for regional, seasonal finds this spring.

1 Green Thing: Tackling Spring Cleaning

Going green can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, so we are sharing our favorite earth-friendly tips and tutorials throughout April. This week, we're talking about spring cleaning.

Tips for Every Skin Type

Everybody’s got specific skin needs, and those needs can change with factors like the weather, hormonal changes, your surroundings or age. Here's what you can do to put your best face forward.

Meet an Iowa Farmer Who Puts Pollinators First

With support from the Xerces Society, Grinnell Heritage Farm takes extra measures to make pollinators feel welcome on their organic farm.

Get to Know Cherimoya

With a creamy, custardy texture, cherimoya is a fruit that's often described as a cross between a banana and a pineapple but smells very similar to a mango. Learn why we love it.

Raise a Glass To These Local Beers

Ever wonder which beers other Whole Foods Market shoppers are buying? Here's a round-up of what's trending around the U.S.

Making the Most of Strawberry Season

Get your strawberry fix with tips and recipes that’ll keep you smiling all through berry season.

Fresh In Season: Halibut Steaks

Now’s the time to enjoy in-season halibut steaks, which lend themselves to so many cooking techniques. Grab these tips and recipes to get started.

In Pursuit of Greener Cleaners

There’s been a lot of chatter about natural household cleaners lately. There are no government regulations requiring cleaning products to list ingredients on the packaging, and the lack of label transparency and oversight has some people questioning whether “greener” cleaners are really any better than conventional options.

Southwestern Matzoh Brei: Freshly Made

Get the recipe: Southwestern Matzoh Brei

Om, Sweet, Om

Editorial Director Kara Chiles finds herself at the intersection of flavor and feeling and takes a moment to reflect on how they intertwine.