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Discover New Favorites: Dinner Shortcuts

Ease the 6pm dinnertime scramble with these new convenient pantry staples including sauces, rices and fire-roasted tomatoes.

What's For Dinner? Quick and Easy Chicken

Conquer the dinnertime frenzy thanks to fantastic meals with boneless chicken breasts in less than 30 minutes!

Berry Salad With Mint Sugar: Freshly Made

This recipe for has our director’s stamp of approval, which sometimes can be hard to get, so go ahead and make this salad and enjoy the simplicity of summer!

17 Questions with Kirsty Coventry

We are thrilled to ask Kirsty Coventry, one of the world’s highest achieving female swimmers and one of Africa’s most successful athletes, about her day-to-day eating and shopping routines, her favorite foods, and who she’d invite over for dinner if she could.

Make Summer Delicious and Nutritious with Whole Kids Club

Plan a summer filled with frugal fun inspired by Whole Kids Foundation’s mission to support healthy families.

One Poultry Farm is Going Back to Basics for a Better Bird

On a mission to breed a healthier chicken, Crystal Lakes Farm looked to heritage breeds. The farm now raises slow-growing chickens that have room to thrive.

Get to Know Hemp Seeds

From smoothies and cereal to baked goods and plant-based milk, we’ve got recipes and inspiration so you can get cooking with hemp seeds.

How Much Do You Really Know About Sunscreen?

Chemical or physical sunscreen? What about nanoparticles? Here’s what you should know to choose the best sunscreen for you.

Discover New Favorites: Wine in a Can

If you haven’t given canned wine a chance yet, summer is the perfect time. Picnics, pool parties and all things al fresco just got a lot easier with the influx of high-quality canned wines hitting the market.

Cool New Ways to Enjoy Grapes

Sweet, juicy grapes are wonderful on their own but even better in a dish. Explore the many ways to cool off with grapes this summer - including recipes kids will love making too!

Make Your Pesto the Best-o: Recipes to Riff On

As a sauce, spread or dip, flavorful pesto can brighten up your plate in many ways. Whether you want to master the basic pesto recipe or experiment with a variety of flavors, we can help

Favorite New Recipe: Raw Cherry Pie

We asked Molly Siegler, our food editor, to share one of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen.

How to Cook a Whole Fish

Whole fish coming up: We’ve got everything you need to know to land a delicious, luscious, hassle-free meal.

Planning Potlucks with Special Diets in Mind

Learn how to avoid culinary land mines at your next potluck with these crowd-pleasing recipes and tips for special diet restriction you may encounter.

DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches

Here’s the scoop on what you need to know to make your most delicious (most creative!) ice cream sammies yet.

16 Questions with Carli Lloyd

Discover the soccer champion’s favorite midnight snack, the five things most often in her basket, and who she’d invite over for dinner.

Cooking with Kids: Summer Berry Pudding

Longer days, warmer temperatures, and plenty of fresh ingredients on hand — this time of year is ripe for getting the kids involved in the kitchen. And Summer Berry Pudding is fun to make and even more fun to eat!

Succulent Ways to Savor Salmon

Everyone in the family loves salmon's rich flavor that is well suited to a variety of preparations. And right now is a great time to get on the salmon boat, because it’s Copper River salmon time!

Pink Wine Punch: Freshly Made

Marie Guggedahl shares her favorite new recipe video: Pink Wine Punch.

Making and Using Shrubs and Syrups

Get to know shrubs and syrups, the season’s hottest accessory for cooling drinks, creative cocktails and more.

Build a Better Side Salad

Learn to easily keep side salads on the healthy side by trying different combinations and embracing fresh, frozen and canned veggies. Add a little color to your plate with these healthy salad (and dressing) recipes!

Cooked Shrimp, The No-Cook Meal Solution

Lovers of cooking don’t always love turning on the oven at mealtimes, especially as summer heats up. Cooked shrimp serves as a versatile solution to feed your family while keeping the summer heat outside.

Whole Foods Market’s Latest Obsession: Pupusas

Our food truck test kitchen enjoyed a delicious kickoff in Austin, Texas in March with Tartinette, an open-faced sandwich concept. The truck is now enjoying its second theme — pupusas!

8 Money-Saving Tips for Summer Grilling

Whether it’s a dinner for two or a backyard bash for 20, you can enjoy summer grilling on a budget. Here are eight of our favorite tips, plus must-try budget-friendly recipes.

DIY Vegan Condiments and Sauces

Get tips, recipes and inspiration for great vegan sauces and slathers. They’ll transform everything from morning meals to backyard veggie burgers.

All About New York Strip Steak

Get tips and recipes for a steak-lover’s favorite: Tender, tasty New York strip.

How To Grow Fruits, Vegetables And Herbs In A Container Garden

Not everyone has access to a lovely yard full of rich soil and abundant sunlight. For those of us in cities, container gardens — growing plants in individual pots — is often the only option. Here's what you need to know.

Favorite New Recipe: Hemp Seed Tabbouleh

We asked Molly Siegler, our food editor, to share one of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen.

Trend Watch

We love talking trends and according to Google, we’re not the only ones. The search engine recently compiled the five most-searched food trends from January 2014 to February 2016, and some of the top-trending topics looked pretty familiar!

Quinoa 5 Ways

Step out of your quinoa rut and enjoy these five recipe video tutorials.

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with Savings

We applaud our vendor partners who have created or shifted to supply chains with a commitment to ethical trade. Shop and save on fair trade coconut oil, chocolate, grains and more. Here’s a preview of what’s in store for you.

How to Make the Perfect Burger

From must-try toppings to grilling how-tos, we’ve got all the tips you need for your best hamburger yet. Plus, we go beyond beef — we’re sharing our favorite burger recipes with mushrooms, lentils, seafood, turkey, lamb and more.

Get to Know Ras el Hanout, Berbere and Dukkah

Ras el hanout, berbere and dukkah are perhaps the most well-known spice blends of African cooking, used most frequently in Morocco, Ethiopia and Egypt. These blends vary from family to family and spice vendor to spice vendor. Luckily, they are sold premade in the U.S., or you can make your own to suit your tastes. Here's what to make with them.

7 Ways to Make the Most of Raspberries

Raspberries are wonderful when added to so many dishes and bring out the natural flavors of whatever they’re paired with.

Marinated Summer Squash Grilling Packs: Freshly Made

We asked our production assistant Marie Guggedahl to share one of her favorite new recipe videos coming out of the studio.

Hey Grill… You Are So Special

As surely as spring turns to summer, stoves turn to grills. Editorial Director Kara Chiles prepares for things to get hot — in more ways than one.