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Delicious Ways to Enjoy Rosé All Day

Photo: @CompletelyDelicious

What once had a small following and limited shelf space now not only gets a featured spot in the Whole Foods Market wine department, but boasts hashtags (#roseallday anyone?) on Instagram and Twitter not to mention on shirts, art prints and jewelry and more. Rosé isn’t just having a moment, it’s a lifestyle. (Check out our Master Sommelier’s top bottles here.) We found six bloggers who have taken the craze a step further with some unforgettable recipes perfect for springtime entertaining.

Planning a girls night? Make sure to bring these. Annalise Sandberg’s Raspberry Rosé Wine Cupcakes (shown above) from Completely Delicious pairs rosé and cupcakes in two ways — the cake and the frosting. The yellow cake has a subtle rosé flavor, while the buttercream frosting packs a raspberry rosé punch.

Photo: @BlissfulBasil

Sometimes fruit is the perfect dessert, and sometimes you need just a little more indulgence to feel satisfied. Ashley Melillo, blogger for Blissful Basil, found the perfect balance with her Watermelon Rosé Granita. If you can wait the eight hours for this delicious dessert to freeze (the catch being you need the willpower to scrape it every few hours for the best texture), you’ll enjoy this sweet treat all week.

Photo: @TableForTwoBlog

Ice pops are NOT just for kids, in fact these Rosé Fruit Ice Pops by Julie Wampler at Table For Two are just for the grownups. There’s a lot of things to love about this recipe, but maybe the best is that there’s only two ingredients — rosé and fresh fruit! The berries make these ice pops allllmost too pretty to eat. But make sure you eat them fast. Since these are alcohol based, they start to melt quickly. Want to avoid a brainfreeze? Place the pop in a wine glass and slurp up any wine slushy fun afterwards — sassy straws not required, but encouraged!

Photo: @RamshackleGlam

Call us #basic but we still love frosé. Check out Jordan Reid’s super easy take on at-home frosé in her blog Ramshackle Glam. It’s a tasty combination of the slushies we all loved as kids and the wine we adore as adults. We love how she streamlines the process to make rosé time start that much sooner.

Did you know that Whole Foods Market is the only national grocer with a Master Sommelier on-staff? Check out Devon Broglie’s top six picks for springtime rosé.

(Editor's note: We are prohibited by law from selling alcohol in some of our stores. Please see our list of stores that do sell alcohol or our list of stores that do not sell alcohol.)