John Mackey was interviewed recently by editors at and Reason Magazine. Here are links to the videos they produced. A Q&A print version of this interview will be published in Reason Magazine in January.

John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism

An hour-long conversation with the Whole Foods Market CEO about health care reform, veganism and his unstinting defense of free markets.

Additionally, talked to protesters, Mackey, and employees about "the Whole Foods alternative to ObamaCare." Here’s a link to that 5 minute video: Natural Food Fight: Whole Foods and Health Care



Scott Wood says …

What a refreshingingly honest and straightforward series of opinions. I happen to agree with them, but nevertheless, it's an increasingly rare experience to have a a person of prominence express their opinion on any subject whatsoever. It's especially admirable and gratifying when it differs from a regimented, or perhaps perceived norm whether more liberal or more conservative. Clarity, chutzpah and honesty, all rarities and a delight to anyone welcoming reasoned debate. Thank you so much.

John Eastman says …

Dear Mr. Mackey While I use and suggest you stores to all of my patients, there are three matters which I would like to raise. Like most self made wealthy men I have encountered here in Dallas, London and New York you exhibit a somewhat self righteous and simplistic view of other peoples weaaknesses. While I agree with you that most disease is preventable such as obesity and the illness that flow from that condition. For many sadly the solution is no longer a matter of "will power" as you imply. Many of these people have had their biochemistry so altered by chemicals, additives and vast amounts of sugar that exercise and will power alone will do little to reverse a system which has been so compromised. One example of this is the sky rocketting of obesity and polycystic ovary syndrom among American and British women. I have treated women both here and in the UK who exist on relatively normal amounts of wholesome food now and yet their bodies manage to keep them 50 to 75 pounds over their healthy weight. Secondly in your ideal world where people are responsible for their own health what is the plan for minors who have no one to take such responsibility. And thirdly in a number of your own stores I have been saddened in talking to employees who live in fear that one of the other staff will see them chatting for a few moments or catching their breath, or that they will be seen not to be in constant motion stocking shelves,advising customers, cleaning and cleaning again; that it will be interpreted by a supervisor/team leader as "not deliverying" and that they will lose both their job and their health insurance, which they seem to cling to with both fear and anxiety. Surely this kind of pressure along with overeating, improper nutrition, lack of exercise can significantly contribute to Wholefood staff members ill health. As you know, stress and worrry have a profoundly negative effect, contributing rapidly and directly to raised blood pressure, anxiety, depression, headache, indigestion etc. Having said this I have sent more than 400 people to Wholefoods over this past two years both for the foods I suggest they eat as well as to purchase nutritional supplements. This is largly due to the excellent and very helpful "on the floor" service that I've received.