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Taking Action on BPA

BPA is back in the news. For years, health advocates have been raising concerns about Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical compound found in some plastic containers and in the linings of some aluminum cans. Research has shown that small amounts of BPA may leach into foods or beverages stored in these containers. At certain levels, BPA can act as an endocrine disruptor, a substance which mimics natural human hormones. 

Recently, a group of nonprofits released a report which finds “Toxic BPA Is Still Hiding in Many Popular National Brands of Canned Food,” prompting its sponsors to demand a call for action on consumers’ parts. We are heartened by this call to action and the renewed sense of urgency that it brings to food packaging manufacturers.

As a long-time leader on limiting BPA, Whole Foods Market is committed to minimizing the use of BPA in canned goods where functional alternatives exist. To this end, our 365 Everyday Value® brand has been actively identifying and implementing alternatives to BPA-epoxy-lined cans. These alternatives include glass, aseptic cartons and cans with alternative lining materials. Our goal is to facilitate a transition away from BPA by supporting the use of alternative materials that effectively protect the integrity and ensure the safety of canned foods. To date, we have converted 70% of our store brand products that were in BPA-containing packaging to non-BPA alternatives.

We’ve also been partnering with our external suppliers to transition to functional and safe alternative materials, and we are pleased that a number of national brands have begun the process. We hope that the current spotlight on BPA will encourage more retailers to join us in asking manufacturers to provide BPA-free alternatives.