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The Best Green Sites?

By Archive, April 29, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Archive
Time magazine online has published a list of their favorite websites, including 15 green sites, listed here. Check out the list and let us know which site is your favorite and whether they missed any that you think deserve notice.
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Jennifer says ...
www.greenbiz.com. Great website and they have an enewsletter too.
05/01/2008 9:41:45 AM CDT
Sarah Chaney says ...
This site allows consumers to find grass-fed meats, and also informs consumers about sustainable agriculture, what to watch out for in commercial beef and other relevant topics. Jo Robinson is the author/founder of the site.
05/01/2008 9:52:48 AM CDT
Paula Lovell says ...
I like Sustain Lane. You can write reviews for products and business, as well as read and write reviews and rate products with a thumbs up or down in the following categories: Good for Me Good for the Community Good for the Planet Over-Hyped Too Expensive Doesn't Work
05/01/2008 10:28:25 AM CDT
krissie says ...
Aww, they missed out Ideal Bite! This is a fantastic website that offers local eco-living tips for the NYC-er, LA-er, San Franciscan, Chicago-an as well as a daily tip for all Earth dwellers. They also have referral contests where you can win wonderful prizes. When I joined, I won a pass to this amazing Eco Event sponsored by Lexus Hybrid and Pangea Organics. So check it out and enjoy!
05/01/2008 10:31:23 AM CDT
Geneva Daniels says ...
I just looked at the list of green e-Sites. It doesnot mention my site of Care 2.com. These people don't just tell news like some sites. They give you information from how to cook and clean environmentally, to how to help endangered animals on the planet earth. And people are encouraged to sign a petition or use their blog for good clean information or a need for help. Check it out.
05/01/2008 12:05:09 PM CDT
Yvonne Simental says ...
This is one of my favorite sites. It gives you daily tips of ways you can go green...from the largest way to the smallest. There are helpful hints and it also gives a list of other websites you can go to. This site all lets you safe your favorite biter tips for future reference...way cool!
05/01/2008 12:13:07 PM CDT
Anna Marie says ...
Another great green site is http://www.consciousconsuming.org. In addition to giving ideas on how we can lessen our impact on the environment by the food we eat, the stuff we buy, and the electricity we use, the website has an entire section on "Green Living" that includes the latest news and events. In addition they host an active & informative blog (http://consciousconsuming.blogspot.com).
05/01/2008 12:16:11 PM CDT
Kate Baldacci says ...
Daily tips to help readers create a more sustainable world. They offer suggestions for small changes and  recommendations for people who aspire to align their everyday actions with their personal values. They even offer regional tips for different parts of the country! Check it out at IdealBite.com
05/01/2008 6:26:24 PM CDT
Fuma says ...
I'm all about starting local. So I couldn't have been happier when the mayor of my town, Tulsa, announced a "going green" website. http://cityoftulsa.org/BeGreen/index.asp It may not give everyone information about how to manage saving the earth, but it definitely gives me something to work for in my own city and backyard. We can use less energy and pollute less, but if our neighbors are still doing the same thing, then not much is getting done. Hopefully, more cities will begin to get residents involved with making positive changes for their communities, which will then have a positive impact on their county, state, nation, and planet.
05/01/2008 9:19:58 PM CDT
Christine Stewart says ...
Great green vegan products (cleaner, hand spray, and lip balm).
05/01/2008 11:07:47 PM CDT
Carla Bodaghi says ...
I can't believe that Realgoods.com isn't on anyone's list. They have been in the forefront of solar energy for years.
05/04/2008 7:13:29 AM CDT
Nina Hassing says ...
-This is a great websearch for sites of companies that are going green, there are also great tips for what you can do: Co-op America National Green Pages http://coopamerica.org/pubs/greenpages/ -This website has a lot of great information and blogs on being green: Sundance Channel Eco-mmunity http://www.sundancechannel.com/thegreen/#/greenGuide -If you are interested in finding out which companies are safe from any form of animal testing then check this out: Caring Consumer http://www.caringconsumer.com/resources_companies.asp
05/04/2008 11:38:51 PM CDT
Rhoda Maurer says ...
http://www.metaefficient.com/ At MetaEfficient, they feature products that are highly effective and optimally green. They claim to be the original green blog. I've found numerous ideas and inspiration about greening solutions and up and coming alternative green technologies.
05/07/2008 9:14:47 AM CDT
green pup says ...
I kinda like this site: http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/48-whole-foods-and-grocery-co-ops/
05/20/2008 12:32:47 PM CDT
Hilda says ...
Gorgeously Green by Julia Roberts provides 8 simple steps to an earth-friendly life. Its a great and informative book and their website is good also.
05/21/2008 8:06:19 PM CDT
Erin Patteson says ...
A wellness company that features Organic Eco-Friendly products at great prices. A better solution to a greener enviroment and life! safeforyourhome.com
05/30/2008 8:45:21 AM CDT
Jess says ...
Need to include http://izzitgreen.com
06/16/2008 11:07:31 AM CDT
Green Authors says ...
I started www.GreenAuthors.com for green authors to submit their articles and blogs.
06/30/2008 9:17:45 PM CDT