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Big Changes for Mother Earth

Earth Day always seems to inspire us to double our efforts in protecting our planet. One reader, Sun from Austin, was extra motivated — no simple light bulb changes for this woman! She explains: “We’ve been creeping towards more greenness for years, decided to jump off and do it big time in 2007. I traded in my car for a scooter, and we’re turning our standard city lot in the middle of Austin into an organic farm. I quit my jobs as a personal chef and substitute teacher to grow organic produce to hopefully sell to local businesses. Gardens this year, chickens (for eggs) next year. I also use ‘trash’ to create artwork, things that would otherwise end up in the landfill.” What extra steps did you take this year to do more than your part? Be they big or small, the steps you take to protect Mother Earth are important. Leave a comment so we can all be inspired to take more action!