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Ben says ...
I just started using reusable tote bags for my groceries and other shopping trips. You can get some great reusable bags at www.Rejavanate.com. Not only do they eliminate the waste caused by plastic and paper bags but they are made from recycled burlap coffee bags, keeping tons of burlap waste out of our landfills AND the manufacturing process provides employment for individuals with developmental disabilities !!!! It’s a Win, Win, Win !!!
07/18/2007 9:01:44 AM CDT
sherry says ...
I live in Elkhart, IN and am trying to find a place to buy cloth grocery bags! If you know of any web sites that sell them I would be interested.
08/02/2007 7:54:13 AM CDT
Slaton, Whole Foods Market Team Member says ...
Hello Sherry, A good place to start might be Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-url/index=blended&field-keywords=cloth%20grocery%20bags&results-process=default&dispatch=search/ref=pd_sl_aw_tops-1_blended_35012019_2&results-process=default Or, if you're searching for something really unique and hand crafted, you might take a look at: http://lemolobags.wordpress.com/ I came across this blog recently and personally think the bags are quite amazing. Hope this helps!
08/02/2007 8:13:24 AM CDT
julie says ...
Never buy envelopes again. Save junk mail envelopes to use to send your own mail in. Just blot out the bar code at the bottom so it goes where you want it to not where the code sends it. Works great!!!
08/02/2007 9:15:47 AM CDT
julie says ...
Don't buy lunchbags. Instead recycle plastic grocery bags or gift bags. Why spend and pollute with special bags for lunches and then throw out numerous other bags. My kids like it - apparently others are doing it too!!
08/02/2007 9:16:43 AM CDT
julie says ...
Don't buy expensive juiceboxes for your children's lunches. Instead visit the track of your local high school where the trash cans are filled with empty water bottles. Run them through the dishwasher and fill with your child's favorite beverage for lunch. They hold more juice, are free, and your child can toss it afterwards. A great way to recycle and cut down on water bottle waste!!
08/02/2007 9:17:38 AM CDT
sherry says ...
This is for Tina--what craft blog has the pattern to knit bags from plastic grocery bags? I am very interested in that. Thanks
08/03/2007 11:10:23 AM CDT
barbara says ...
I was going through our closets and pulled out the clothes that are not used anymore for a garage sale, instead I cut them up and started sewing. I recycled them into four heavy duty shopping bags. I can not throw something away without thinking if it can be re-used someway. I buy with recycle in mind or at least as little packageing as possible and no plastic at all, if possible.
08/14/2007 9:53:32 AM CDT
Kristi says ...
Why not create a worm farm? They can be as big or as small as you can handle, and worms will eat a good many things including hair trimmings, newspaper (NOT the slick coated kind of course), fruit and vegie peels (except onions and citrus--they hate those!) Worm farms are simple to make and super easy to maintain. The bi-product is great for your flower and vegie gardens and fruit trees and shrubs. If you have no garden use for the castings and run-off, it's just as good for your lawn! As we live out in the country, we have plenty of room, and I use an old bathtub hidden behind our garden shed, but you can make them small enough for an apartment balcony, and they are easily camoflauged. I can not stress the importance of composting yard trimmings and grass clippings (what won't fit into your worm bed!), as it makes fantastic mulch and once put down, will attract worms to your garden beds, making the soil super rich and much easier to work with. Recycle your newspapers in arts and crafts projects. I make paper mache plates, bowls and boxes to hold holiday sweets: you can then customize them by using non-toxic paint and then painting it with school glue which is safe (check the labels first!) and dries to a nice glossy finish! I get rave reviews every year because my plates, bowls and boxes are totally unique, and as they're fairly sturdy, people hang on to them for use again. If you're no good with painting, use scraps of holiday/themed wrapping paper for your designs and paint with the glue, which saves yet more paper from going in the trash. Washing your windows with a rag and water and vinegar, then polishing with crumpled up newspaper will make your windows absolutely sparkle like diamonds. It's what I do and no one else I know has windows like ours! did you know that regardless of what window trimmings you have inside the house, (black out drapes,insulated drapes, blinds of any kind) if the sun hits the glass the room will heat up regardless? You can combat this, and cut down the energy you use in a/c by rigging up shade cloth to keep the sun from directly hitting the glass. Shade cloth is easy to work with, and doesn't block your view entirely. It's also lightweight, and can be moved or rolled up easily with the pull of a string. If you're handy with a needle you can bind the edges in a tidy fashion with discarded plastic bale twine. While we still have to use the a/c it does help quite a lot. I use cloth shopping bags most of the time, but there are times when I come home with those horrible plastic ones (why did they stop making paper bags?!?!?!). I try to use them again in any way, like using them instead of garbage bags, to line my bathroom, bedroom and office garbage bins. I also know a woman who will take the ones that have holes (no good for anything as they are weak and weapy!) and she combines them with discarded bread bags and crochets or knits them into floor mats. They are reasonably sturdy and will take a fair bit of abuse before they finally wear out. They're also good to take with me when I walk my dogs, as I can collect any droppings my dogs leave, as well as picking up litter I come across. Also, in response to Julie, August 2, it's great that you're reusing water bottles that others have discarded. How about having the kids bring them home again for a few more uses before chucking them out? They should be right to go through the dishwasher several times, unless they have been damaged.
09/01/2007 2:45:03 AM CDT
Kristi says ...
Oh, another thing I do to recycle newspaper is something fun to do with the kids. If you have something that the kids can have a 'count down' to, such as Christmas or a birthday or other event, you can make a Count Down Chain. Take newspaper and cut it into strips. To make 'chain links' whatever size you want cut longer for bigger links, shorter for smaller, etc. Cut enough strips to make a chain link for each day of the count down. You can leave it in newsprint, but kids like color, so they can finger paint them with non-toxic poster paint, or use glue and glitter, or stickers, or anything they like to look at. We usually just make the links different colors and the last link, the Big Day link, is the one we really make fancy. Form the links into a chain by threading them through each other and glueing or taping. The kids generally hang the chain somewhere in their bedroom, and each night at bedtime, the break a link and then count how many links are left. It's the same principal as marking the days off a calender. For some reason it seems to make bedtime a tad easier and quicker, as they are keen to shorten the chain! It's really fun to do with your kids to spend time with them, let their creativity soar, and keep them away from the tv. It's a good activity when the weather is nasty and they can't play outside.
09/01/2007 3:18:53 AM CDT
Travelers remember that hotels recycle the plastic magnetic room keys! Turn them into the desk agents upon checking out, or some hotels have drop off boxes for used keys!
09/10/2007 9:56:22 AM CDT
Invisible Gardener says ...
Hi Everyone! Here is what I am doi g to help our planet. I started a radio shows thats Called "Don't Panic It's Organic!". It is a world wide show , with callers getting help on anything from healthy home issues like natural termite controls, all the way to natural lawn. One of the most heard show is called Dances with Ants and yes you guessed it, its about natural ant control. Please stop by and listen. Shows are run 24/7 when not live. Live shows are listed as to dates, usually sat mornings 12-1pm. Happy Growing Organically of course Andy Lopez Invisible Gardener
09/12/2007 6:56:57 PM CDT