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Bring on the Green…with Fresh Trees

By Amanda Rainey, November 27, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Amanda Rainey
Mother Nature is gearing up for a wardrobe change as we head into the holidays, and so are many of our stores! This year, as in years past, our trees are fresh from the Blue Ridge Mountains, about 10 miles southeast of Sparta, North Carolina, and grown by family-owned and operated Bottomley Evergreens & Farms. Our stores* will have Fraser Fir trees available for guests to choose from in the hunt for the perfect holiday tree… are you ready? Did you know that Fraser Firs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to bringing home a fresh tree for the holidays? With a dark green color, full shape, classic aroma, and excellent needle retention, no wonder the Fraser Fir holds onto all that glitz and glam so well!  What’s your favorite reason for choosing a real tree? I think mine is that a well cared for tree can last up to three or four weeks, and who doesn’t love having that smell fill the air? Check out this slideshow about the Bottomley farm. We are big fans of the Bottomley family, and the trees they grow, but we would love to know more about your favorite Christmas tree source! Do you have a favorite variety or local farm? Let us know! We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season…and don’t forget to recycle your trees! *Bottomley trees are available in stores in our Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, North Atlantic, South, Midwest, Southwest, and Rocky Mountain regions. Our Pacific Northwest region will have Bottomley Noble Fir trees, and small “table top” trees are available in several regions as well.
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Suzanne says ...
Good that you're selling Christmas trees. Makes it more convenient. However, this "story" you're telling seems quite disingenuous. "Family owned"? Does that even matter? Isn't Wegman's "family owned", while WF is not?!? Sounds like you're trying to make a large business sound small. btw- are these trees organic- or sprayed with a bunch of chemicals? What makes them different from any other Fraser Fir? Thanks.
12/01/2010 5:45:01 PM CST
Brian says ...
When it comes to Christmas trees organic or natural growing methods are negligible. Any herbicides are neutralized by the sun and harmless to consumers.
12/04/2010 10:32:28 AM CST
Becka Mahn says ...
I agree with the first response; I tried your Christmas tree shop last year, and when I asked if the trees were organic, it took 20 minutes of asking various people to find they were not. The more research I did online (trying to find an organic tree anywhere in Atlanta), the more important reasons I found to only consider organic Christmas trees.Please consider making organic trees an option at your stores!
12/04/2010 11:37:59 AM CST
Elizabeth says ...
My favorite source for buying Christmas trees is at the local farmers market where the prices charged are significantly lower for much bigger trees when compared to those I see on sale at my local Whole Foods Market. Farmers sell directly to their customers, eliminating the middleman and trees are often grown closer to the market than those sold by WFM, and freshly cut!
12/06/2010 4:15:05 PM CST
Leanne says ...
We purchased a tree last year from WFM and it was the best tree we've ever had. We just picked up a new one yesterday and it is in great condition. The local farms and sellers that I've found here definitely do not sell "organic" trees, and often they barely make it 3 weeks. There are going to be very few tree farms out there that will have completely chemical free trees, if any. I would suggest buying a fake tree if this is a concern for you...
12/07/2010 5:57:46 PM CST
Abigail Nichols says ...
Just bought a great little tabletop tree in a plastic base. The instructions say to water it and mist. I want to put lights on it, so misting seems a bad idea. My question is "Should I try to pull it out of its neat little stand and make a fresh cut in the base to make it last? It seemed like maybe you and Whole Foods were trying to keep water in that base but I don't know. Thanks.
12/17/2010 5:35:07 PM CST
bepkom says ...
Abigail, the table top trees are nailed into the base by the farm, and “misting” is recommend if being displayed outdoors (definitely don’t mist if electrical décor has been put on the tree!). Keeping water in the pan/base for the tree will suffice and re-cutting should not be necessary. Make sure to keep the water clean, and that the pan/base does not dry out. Thanks!
12/20/2010 9:53:53 AM CST
bepkom says ...
Abigail, Granulated honey is simply honey that has crystallized. In fact, is often referred to as “crystallized honey”. Because honey is thick and contains more natural sugar than water, it will eventually crystallize. There are a number of factors that determine how fast this process occurs, namely, the temperature, the type of honey, the moisture content and how much the honey is stirred or moved around. This is not the same process as dehydrating honey, however. That is where the liquid is extracted, leaving powdered honey. To use granulated honey, for the first cup of sugar called for in a recipe, use the same amount of granulated honey. If more than a cup of sugar is called, for, use less honey as it is a bit sweeter than sugar. For example, if a recipe calls for 2 cups sugar, use 1½ cups granulated honey. Be aware that not all granulated honey sold is pure. Some brands may contain sugar with added honey. Always read labels. Thanks for your question!
12/20/2010 2:33:59 PM CST
matt says ...
Kathyshorenursery.com By far the best and oldest growers in NC, and they are for sure family owned.
03/14/2013 7:12:08 PM CDT
Stepheni Baine says ...
Hello there. I'm wondering about christmas trees. It is now 2013 and I'm hoping you have now switched to organic or pesticide free trees especially considering your store's mantra. I'm not gonna lie. I will be very disappointed if you haven't. I really want to buy a christmas tree but not one that is full of pesticides. So please dont tell me they come off in the sun/rain. From my research it is not fully known yet about the amount that comes on the tree's we take home. So my question is this... are your christmas trees being sold in your stores now organic? I just called my local store the guy didn't have a clue.
12/04/2013 1:29:01 PM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@STEPHENI - At this time our trees are not certified organic. If you are aware of an organic tree vendor, let me know as I would be happy to pass this along to our Produce team.
12/12/2013 11:43:01 AM CST
Nikki says ...
Good Day..Your Trees seem to be absoultely beautiful..I was wondering by any chance would your trees be available for purchase in the Atlanta, Ga metropolitan area for the 2014 Holiday Season...Please advise..Thanks and God Bless......Nikki : )
07/21/2014 9:08:42 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@NIKKI - I would suggest reaching out to the vendor directly to see where they will be selling this holiday. You can find their contact info at http://www.bottomleysevergreens.com/contact.aspx.
07/21/2014 1:39:59 PM CDT