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Celebrate Passover…Naturally

By Paige Brady, March 12, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady

streitsbrownies Whole Foods Market grocery and meat purchasing teams have been hard at work making our stores a Passover destination. We know that many of our customers are looking for kosher for Passover products that meet our strict quality standards for packaged foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats. We also know you are looking for kosher poultry that weren't given antibiotics in their feed and were raised with plenty of room to roam around. Meeting all of these requirements can be quite a challenge, but we persevered and made it happen for you! {C}Did you know that many kosher suppliers still use artificial preservatives and other ingredients that we do not allow in our products? Our grocery buyers partnered with kosher food producers to help them reformulate their products and then our stores and customers provide a market for their natural products. In December, we blogged about our partnership with Streit's, the only family owned and operated Matzo producer in the U.S, who have now removed the artificial additives and preservatives from many of their products. Our partnership with Streit's is having a nice ripple effect on the kosher food industry as a whole. Andrew Lansman, head of kosher distributor A&L Foods, says: "Five years ago, kosher manufacturers didn't even care about being all natural. Now, most are trying to reformulate their product line so they can be all natural. Many new items have been developed because of Whole Foods Market's influence, including many whole grain and organic products." streits That's what we like to hear! And this influence brings products like these to our stores, all of which are certified kosher for Passover: Aviv Organic Matzo Certified organic, this traditional recipe is crafted with organic whole wheat flour and water. Exclusively available at Whole Foods Market. yehudamatzoYehuda Organic and Whole Wheat Matzo Yehuda Matzo is a favorite for Passover. With a great flavor and a crisp crunch it's also good for matzo brei! Choose from Organic, Whole Wheat, Minis and egg. Exclusively available at Whole Foods Market. Avvio Grape Juice An essential part of the Passover Seder. Avvio, the Juice and nothing but the Juice. Exclusively available at Whole Foods Market. Streit's Cake Mixes This family business, which got its start on Manhattan's Lower East Side, carries on the tradition today of bringing you the best matzo and kosher food products for Passover and year round. Their all-natural, vegetarian cake mixes are a Passover treat! Choose from Chocolate, Coffee, Brownie and Honey. Streit's Stuffing Mixes Made with Streit's famous matzo, just add water, heat and serve. Free of hydrogenated oils, preservatives and MSG, this savory side is available in Original, Savory Herb and Whole Wheat. Kedem Gefilte Fish The perfect Passover appetizer. Packed in an all natural liquid broth and gluten free. Kosher Valley Poultry koshervallyNow, what about that main course? We are really excited to bring you Kosher Valley Poultry for your Passover meal. Kosher Valley is the nation's first and only exclusive producer of vegetarian-fed kosher chickens and turkeys, raised without antibiotics. Raised in the rolling hills of Central New York, these Dual Kosher certified (Rabbi Babad and Orthodox Union) chickens and turkeys are very moist, tender and have a clean natural taste. Kosher Valley says they do things the old fashioned way, the way nature intended. Their chickens and turkeys are raised in a stress-free environment with plenty of room to roam around. Most of chickens and turkeys are raised within three miles of the processing plant, which reduces the ride time and stress for the birds. Producing kosher poultry takes about three times as long as non-kosher bird. Many steps are still performed by hand, with extra care and time. Specially trained rabbinical inspectors check every single bird for any signs of abnormalities or disease, and they often reject birds that have already passed government inspections. This assures that customers are getting the highest quality bird, processed in accordance with the kosher standards of cleanliness, purity and wholesomeness. This is just a sampling of the tasty Passover foods we're offering this year. You'll find more kosher offerings for your special meal in your local Whole Foods Market. We think you'll agree, things are getting better all the time for your Passover meal. Enjoy, and let us know what you'd like us to work on for next year!

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A. Feingold says ...
Many thanks for the positive influence you have had on the kosher food industry with respect to decreasing additives and preservatives. Last year, and several years prior, Whole Foods stocked organic Avvio grape juice in the quart size. This year I have only seen it in the 22 oz size. Is the quart size no longer being produced?
03/24/2010 11:52:10 AM CDT
Harriet says ...
I was wondering if you carry gluten free matzah
03/31/2010 8:05:14 PM CDT
Bernie Lubchansky says ...
This is awesome.Now just add some Passover recipes and we will be done. 1 stop shop
03/18/2010 11:17:03 AM CDT
Micky M says ...
Thank you for stocking healthy and organic Passover food. I really appreciate it. I shop at the Plano, TX store and have just visited the newest Park and I-75 Dallas store. It is fabulous.
03/17/2010 5:31:30 PM CDT
Barbara Kirch says ...
Thank you for making healthy, organic Passover foods available! Now I need to ask that you consider carrying gluten free matzoh for those of us who are Celiacs, hopefully in time for next Passover. bk,NJ
03/17/2010 5:55:35 PM CDT
Faleen says ...
Yes it is nice to see/hear that you will be carrying kosher for Passover products. Last year i noted that you had a Passover cooking demonstration in my area, Wellington, FL. I called the woman who was supposed to be doing the demo to inquire as to whether she would be using kosher products. After a slightly sarcastic laugh she told me NO the main food products would not be kosher at all since Whole Foods didnt sell kosher products. Needless to say, unfortunately i probably missed out on an interesting demo but the idea of watching her cook and not being able to at least taste the foods to get an idea if i even wanted to cook them at home, so i didnt go.
03/17/2010 6:14:26 PM CDT
vaughnm says ...
Our product selection varies from store to store. Please check in w/ your local store directly. Thanks! http://bit.ly/allstore
03/18/2010 8:57:03 AM CDT
Rabbi Miriyam Glazer says ...
Thank you for your influence on the kosher market -- and thank you, too, for selling cruelty-free kosher poultry. If only Empire would also get the message!
03/17/2010 10:26:35 PM CDT
reuven says ...
Pesach is definitely the jewish holiday for food. It would be great to see more multicultural diversity at Whole Foods. Did you know that kosher foods are also legal for Islamic dietary laws? I certainly enjoy a Hindu vegetarian meal as well as quality kosher fleischic. How about a bet din Whole Foods butcher? My advice is to look for the similarities and keep going, because the possibilities are endless!
03/17/2010 11:10:53 PM CDT
El Jay says ...
Hi - Thanks for the info on the Streit Passover items. However, I am allergic to cottenseed oil. Do they offer any products that no longer contain this? Thanks, El Jay
03/18/2010 2:14:53 PM CDT
Myrna Davis says ...
Please make sure to have enough horseradish in the produce department. It is important not to run out. We also need the lamb shank bones to come in earlier. Thanks.
03/19/2010 2:23:39 AM CDT
Gail Berger says ...
Recently moved here from NJ, Do you provide pre cooked seder meal package? Kosher style, not necessarily Kosher for Passover. Living on the East[ coast I went to Wegman's for this.
03/19/2010 5:32:12 AM CDT
Di says ...
Hey, don't forget about Irene's Bakery & Gourmet Kitchen! They have been producing all natural foods for years and have a full line of Kosher for Passover bakery and prepared foods product. Their matzo blintzes & knishes are delicious! I purchased them in your store last year and hope to see them again this year. Their hamantashen are great too. I know you carry their line year round because I buy the 20 calorie biscotti regularlly and the blintzes & knishes as well.
03/19/2010 6:53:27 AM CDT
Shana says ...
Thank you for bringing in Kosher products to your store in Boca!
03/19/2010 11:36:56 AM CDT
Missy says ...
Thanks loads for carrying whole wheat matzos. Hope to find them in my local WF market. I found them elsewhere but only by the case which is simply too many for us. By the way, a growing number of Christians observe the Passover period as well.
03/22/2010 7:51:27 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
I believe the brand that you are referring to the Food for Life line of frozen breads: http://www.foodforlife.com/our-products.html. Selection varies from store to store, so your local Whole Foods Market may also carry a different brand that suits your needs.
03/23/2010 9:24:30 AM CDT
Beverly Ross says ...
Kosher Valley says they do things the old fashioned way, the way nature intended. Their chickens and turkeys are raised in a stress-free environment with plenty of room to roam around. Regarding the above quote from your e-mail of today, 2 questions: 1. You state that "Kosher Valley says..." Please let me know whether someone from Whole Foods has actually gone there to see that what Kosher Valley says is in fact what Kosher Valley does. 2. Please explain a bit more about the turkeys' "stress-free environment" and their having "plenty of room to move around". I am sure I'm not the only one who would like more details about this before feeling good about buying the turkeys from WF. With my thanks, Beverly Ross
03/24/2010 11:24:57 AM CDT
Ethel Crowe says ...
Thank you for making Passover so much easier in C'Ville
03/24/2010 2:19:35 PM CDT
Marlene Wahnish says ...
will you be getting smoked turkey, k beef bacon , kosher crab (imitation)? really good products that would sell well
03/24/2010 2:24:45 PM CDT
Jackie Dubin says ...
Will you have any fresh baked Passover cakes or other desserts available on Monday??
03/24/2010 3:04:02 PM CDT
Robert G. says ...
My dear friend Yelena is quite particular about the quality of food she purchases and during Pesach is especially picky. She informed me after a recent trip to Whole Foods that they had some impressive food items for Pesach and that it was worth my time to check out. I made the trip and was indeed impressed with what I found. Nice job as always Whole Foods!
03/24/2010 8:24:30 PM CDT
Gaye Wein-Shepard says ...
Will you be able to provide a wheat free matzo? If not where could I purchase this for the Sedar. I live in Pasadena, Ca.
03/24/2010 7:49:55 PM CDT
cj says ...
canada (specifically vancouver) has whole foods (thanks!) now all we need is a passover-friendly whole foods. such envy up here!
03/12/2010 4:35:04 PM CST
Deborah says ...
Gluten-free gefilte fish!! Thank you SO much!! And thanks, too, for helping us get sulfite-free grape juice and macaroons. I could not be more grateful.
03/28/2010 9:20:13 AM CDT
Susan Williamson says ...
I am thrilled to hear you have worked to get Kosher food without preservatives thumbs up for Whole Foods USA. I am from Toronto Canada but live in Florida six months of the year and fortunately I am in the US for Passover, like your last response, "When will Canada catch-on" Thanks
03/29/2010 7:28:42 AM CDT