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Change Your Fuel…Change Your World

Thanks to Jimmy Dunne, President of Inspire — a music and branding company partnering on music initiatives with Whole Foods Market — for providing this blog post. As oil has been heavy on all of our minds lately, we thought it befitting to bring you a film that asks a valuable question: How do we create a sustainable energy economy for our kids? You can find Fuel, the Sundance Film Festival Winner for Best Documentary, now at your local Whole Foods Market.


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Director Josh Tickell— now a UN Goodwill Ambassador on Renewable Energy— inspires us to take the issue into our own hands. We follow his journey as a renewable energy advocate over the past two decades, and the impact of our escalating oil addiction comes to life. Tying together public policy, major scientific advances, and world historic events that we’ve all shared in, he presents a cohesive case that America is needlessly dependent on oil. His stirring argument is palatable and personal, intertwined in a story that connects us all. What strikes me most about Fuel is Josh’s faith in the power of every individual to make a difference. While his story is ripe with numerous disappointments along the road of advocacy, he constantly bounces back rejuvenated by a message and a cause that is greater than himself. The political and economic challenges America faces to be able to end its dependence on oil are daunting; but Josh Tickell is confident in the voice of every individual to catalyze that change. The change begins with each of us: by conserving energy, using renewable energy, converting to biodiesel, contacting our politicians, and investing in renewable energy research. Fuel boasts a who’s-who cast, including Woody Harrelson, Julia Roberts, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, and Richard Branson, plus some of the most important scientific and political voices of our time. It’s both richly entertaining and educational. But most important, it’s a rewarding, inspiring call to action. As he fills up his tour bus with biodiesel, Country music legend Willie Nelson states “this is the most patriotic thing I’ve done.” Being a good steward of the earth is a truly patriotic action. I encourage us all to reconsider our dependence on oil, and to regard conservancy as a civic duty. For more info on Fuel, please visit the film's website. Jimmy Dunne is President of Inspire and a Grammy-nominated songwriter, TV and film composer, and television writer and producer; with songs that have been recorded on 27,000,000 records worldwide and garnered a number of CMA, ACMA, Juno, and BMI and ASCAP songwriter awards and multi-platinum Billboard recognitions.