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Cooking For One: Eggs for Dinner

By Jaye Joseph, March 25, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Jaye Joseph

Huevos RancherosWhen I was growing up, my brother and I used to love it when our parents would make Breakfast for Dinner (or BFD as we liked to call it). Back then, it usually involved waffles and lots of maple syrup, but as I grew older, I moved on to eggs. With their good-quality protein as well as Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin A and iron, eggs are not only nutritious, but filling as well. (I choose the Omega-3 eggs for an added nutritional boost.) Since you can buy a half dozen at most stores and they stay fresh for about three weeks when properly refrigerated, eggs make a perfect solution for a meal for one. 1743_spanish_style_tortilla

One of my favorite egg-based meals is roasted asparagus topped with an egg cooked over easy. To make it, just roast about 10 spears of fresh asparagus in the oven at 450°F with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Once they’re done, top them with an egg cooked over-easy (or however you like it). Cooking the egg over-easy means the yolk is still runny, so when you cut into it over the asparagus, it makes an almost faux-hollandaise sauce. The options for egg-based dinners are endless, but here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

  • A slice of thick, whole-grain toast topped with some spinach, a little goat cheese, a slice of tomato and an egg cooked to your liking (over easy for me please!).
  • An omelet with goodies you have on hand, or, alternatively, pick up a few pre-cut veggies and shredded cheese from the salad bar to throw into your omelet.
  • Simple scrambled eggs and a salad of field greens dressed simply with lemon, salt and pepper, and perhaps some freshly shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, if you have it on hand.
  • Fried egg sandwich with a simple salad on the side (definitely an indulgence!).

SeptB2008HamAndMushroomFrittataWhile eggs have gotten a bad rap because of their cholesterol content, some experts now say that dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol levels. Even the American Heart Association says you can eat about one egg a day if your total daily cholesterol is under 300 mg. So, I say, bring on the eggs for dinner! A great solution for a quick, nutritious meal for one. How do you like your dinner eggs? I’d love to hear your fresh ideas.

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Gunn Family says ...
At our house we make eggs in a frame. Butter the bread - Cut the middle out of bread (small circle will work) place bread in frying pan, crack egg and put in the hole to fry. Cook, flipping once until egg is done to your liking. I fry up the small circle of bread that I cut out as well to go on the side. Top with a little cheese! YUM
03/25/2010 6:49:46 AM CDT
Kathy G says ...
No matter how empty the refrigerator is, I always have the ingredients for a frittata. Slice 1 potato per person thinly (using whatever type you happen to have on hand), onions, and a couple of garlic cloves. Layer all in a cast-iron frying pan, seasoning each layer and adding a bit of olive oil. Bake until the potatoes are tender, then add eggs (2 per person) beaten with, salt, pepper, and milk. Return to oven until eggs are set. This can be eaten hot or cold. I often make double what I need and bring the leftovers for lunch the next day!
03/25/2010 8:05:30 AM CDT
Britteny says ...
I also love eggs for dinner, but do you have any recommended egg-alternatives for vegans?
03/25/2010 9:08:46 AM CDT
Tanya says ...
Scrambled eggs mixed w chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers and a bit of taco seasoning, then sandwiched in a soft or hard tortilla. Egg Tacos! Top with some salsa and grated cheese if you like.
03/25/2010 9:24:09 AM CDT
Rosemary Lachance says ...
The bad rap eggs got was started by the cereal industry, to sell their products. Most cereal is just some flours formed and shaped. Don't believe me, read the labels. How much protein? Fiber? Sulfur? etc. do they contain? No nourishment here. Eggs have some cholesterol, yes, but they also contain egg lecithin which is the opposite. So it is a wash on that. Don't believe me, read about it. Educate yourself.
03/25/2010 9:30:04 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
Hi Britteny, alas, there isn't a good vegan substitute for the ol' sunny side up, but if you're looking for an alternative to scrambled eggs, try a Simple Tofu Scramble: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/333.
03/25/2010 9:41:50 AM CDT
Jodi says ...
Check out my new cookbook, "eggs", for tons of great ideas to help you put eggs on your dinner table! http://tiny.cc/14y9g
03/25/2010 9:46:33 AM CDT
Sandy L says ...
As a young child, my family would go to the chicken farm to pick out fresh eggs. To bad the the farm is no longer there, houses took over. I had BFD last week. :-) I like the simple scrambled egg the best. With my egg, I'll have a a croisant, fruit and brie or gouda on the side and oh yeah.... turkey bacon. Sometimes I eat my eggs with ketchup, or have it over-easy on toast, or make a seafood scramble or veggie scramble. To switch it up I also make a tofu scramble that is pretty good too. Great article! Eggs deserve recognition. And Rosemary is probably right on the cereal company that started the bad rap for eggs.
03/25/2010 10:22:52 AM CDT
Margo says ...
One of my favorite BFD recipes is a rather simple omelet with vegetables added. Before the eggs are set, I like to place alternating spears of par-cooked asparagus and julienned red peppers in a circular pattern. It makes for a colorful and nutritious presentation. Served with a slice of whole wheat toast this makes a plentiful meal.
03/25/2010 12:17:56 PM CDT
Lorna Begley says ...
Me & my boys love a sunny side down or over easy on a crunchy totilla!-- Toast tortilla with some grated cheese (in oven toaster) Put cooked egg on top Add salsa &/or sour cream &/or guacamole Super easy & full of wonderful flavors & textures!
03/25/2010 1:13:14 PM CDT
Leah Osgood says ...
My - what a wonderful column you have. I am always inspired by your ideas. Keep them coming. Creamed eggs were a staple in my parent's home. Served over waffles, they are VERY filling! To make them, you simply make a white sauce and slice hard boiled eggs into it.
03/25/2010 2:13:27 PM CDT
Sally Krenger says ...
Love this! Would you please do follow up suggesting Phil's Eggs as humane source for eggs? Thanks!
03/25/2010 4:41:47 PM CDT
Gab says ...
My favourite egg recipe is from Mark Bittman, baked eggs on a bed of spinach, tomatoes and olive oil. Just bake them in a deep baking container (I use the bowls for onion soup), for about 11 minutes, uncovered at 350. They're delicious!
03/26/2010 11:40:45 AM CDT
Kim M. says ...
Breakfast is by far my favorite meal and I generally have eggs for dinner once a week. My absolute all time favorite way to have eggs is an herb omelette stuffed with mushrooms. I brown some sliced mushrooms in a little butter & olive oil, then season with salt & pepper and set aside. I mix either fresh savory or fresh marjoram into the eggs and cook them. Then I fold in the mushrooms and turn the omelette onto a serving plate. An arugula salad and a piece of warm baguette (or Whole Foods sperlonga) are musts for me with this. Pure heaven! I also love an herb omelette with chopped fresh tarragon, flat leaf parsley & chives. Fresh basil or a dab of pesto is also delicious. Yet another favorite combo is fresh baby spinach, feta, and sun dried tomatoes (the dry packed kind, not the ones in oil). If I'm feeling a little more ambitious, I love huevos rancheros. I spread a whole wheat tortilla (or flax & oat tortilla if I can find them) with fat free refried beans (or mashed pinto beans or whatever beans I have on hand for that matter). I top that with some shredded cheddar (or jack or whatever I have or sometimes I skip the cheese altogether). I nuke that assemblage for a minute or two until heated thru and cheese begins to melt (alternatively, I've done this in the oven or broiler when feeding more than a couple of people). Then I top it with salsa and a sunny side up egg. If I have some avocado or green onions or tomatoes, those are superb bonus toppings. Sometimes I substitute soy crumbles or shredded chicken mixed with salsa for the refried beans. If you're making pizza (homemade or store bought), crack an egg and gently transfer it (ideally yolk intact) onto the center of the pizza during the last 4-5 min. of baking time*. Egg white should be cooked thru but yolk should still be jiggly. Remove from oven and allow pizza to cool for a couple of minutes. Break the yolk with a fork and draw outward to distribute the yellow-y goodness. Then cut pizza into slices. Molto italiano! (*If you have health issues or if a child is eating the pizza, you probably know that you should give the egg more cooking time so that the yolk sets up.) I think I'll try Kathy G.'s frittata recipe next week.
03/31/2010 2:33:06 AM CDT
Karyn says ...
For my money you can't beat a smoked salmon scramble - saute green onions in butter, whisk in a couple of nice free range eggs, a little milk (or cream if you're feeling decadent), sea salt & ground pepper and chunks of hot-smoked salmon. You can also finish it by stirring a little cream cheese. Have you tried FRENZ eggs from New Zealand? They're fantastic - the yolks are orange!
03/31/2010 3:45:10 PM CDT
Marlene Inman says ...
Another great meal for one (or two). Heat chicken broth, add a handful of spinach, poach egg/eggs in the broth. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and serve.
03/31/2010 5:04:30 PM CDT
Kitty says ...
I scramble them with steamed asparagus, petit green peas (no need to pre-cook), and chopped, grilled, green onions for dinner a couple of times each month. Usually, we add shredded cheese on top, but not always. As leftovers, the mix is actually excellent reheated, too.
03/31/2010 5:07:21 PM CDT
Lynn R. says ...
Soft-boiled eggs, with a knob of butter and a touch of salt. A side of good toast with homemade preserves, preferably strawberry. Great after a long day that may not have gone as well as you would have wished!
03/31/2010 5:52:58 PM CDT
Anne Galbraith says ...
I love the combination of beans and greens with poached eggs. If I have black beans and rice I will add greens and eggs for the leftovers. I have eaten all kinds of beans this way.
03/31/2010 6:42:43 PM CDT
Carmen says ...
I found a great recipe for BFD the other day and it's been a staple. Heat up some marinara sauce (store bought or homemade--mine is homemade but that's because I'm picky) in a deep saucepan. When it's hot and bubbly, make a few indentations and slide a egg carefully in. Put the cover on and let the eggs poach in the tomato sauce until they're to your liking. Toast up some bread, put it on a plate, spoon the sauce and egg over the toast, top with parm or other cheese of your choice. OMG. So good. The tomato sauce makes it, so be sure to use your best, or dress it up with sauteed onions or pancetta. I love eggs in a frame!
03/31/2010 8:15:07 PM CDT
Jennifer says ...
I enjoy my scrambled eggs mixed with feta, on a bed of brown rice. I am going to use quinoa instead of brown rice next time.
03/31/2010 8:30:45 PM CDT
Cecilia Height says ...
Greetings, I adore eggs! Several recipes: very soft scrambled eggs with thyme and scallions and toast with organic Smart Balance. A frittata made with organic eggs, diced leeks, sliced baby portabella mushrooms, a touch of organic milk, cooked and drained spinach, salt and pepper to taste and herbs de Provence 1 teaspoon per 2 eggts. Whip the mixture. Butter up a well seasoned cast iron skillet. (I never, ever use teflon pans. If heating them too hot can give off fumes that can kill your pet birds,what does it do to you?) Saute the leeks and mushrooms in the pan until translucent. Gently add the egg mixture with all the herbs in and swirl until even. Add the DRAINED spinach into the mixture and cook gently until somewhat set. Then put the pan into a 375 oven for about 20 to 30 minutes until puffy and medium brown on top. Let it rest for 5 minutes and serve and enjoy!
04/01/2010 12:37:48 AM CDT
Lloyd Stanley Huddy says ...
I eat a three egg white omelet, with one yellow, on a daily basis. I supplement the eggs with a baked piece of wild red salmon fresh from the oven. As a runner and one who works out daily with weights and machines, the protein and Omega-3s just fuel my fire.
04/01/2010 9:18:49 AM CDT
David Hobbs says ...
I still love to make toad in a hole. That's when you cookie cutter a hole out of the middle of a slice of bread, melt some butter in a pan, place the bread and the hole that was cut out of it in the pan and drop an egg into the hole. Flip over when the egg is set. Salt and pepper and enjoy. You can also add a little cheese.
04/01/2010 11:44:27 PM CDT
ziegen haltung says ...
I really love goat cheese it is really delicous. Most of the time I eat it as a dessert or use it to make a salsa.
04/02/2010 6:01:55 AM CDT