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Tia says ...
Great podcast!
09/19/2008 7:48:58 AM CDT
Michele says ...
I'm going to go check out the supplements at Whole Foods for my daughter this weekend
09/23/2008 3:28:28 PM CDT
Kim says ...
Great info on this podcast. HOWEVER... just want to let you know that the spelling of the doctor's name is MAKAI, not MacKay. I was very interested in learning more about him and his clinic, etc., and after hitting a deadend with MacKay, I was able to find him by googling other related info. Once, again... great job on giving us extremely useful info.
09/24/2008 12:21:25 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Kim You're right, the spelling of the clinic is Makai and not MacKay - we've fixed this in the blog entry and included a link to the center. However, Dr. Douglas MacKay's name is spelled correctly. :) Thanks!
09/24/2008 12:26:37 PM CDT
Kim says ...
Winnie... you are so right! I think I'm going cross-eyed from reading so much on-line today about the subjectmatter! I realized that as I started reading a little more thoroughly and I was just coming back to correct myself when I saw your posting!:-)
09/24/2008 12:36:33 PM CDT
dani says ...
great information. I am so glad that ModMom.com blogged about this,
09/27/2008 11:23:49 PM CDT
Annie G says ...
Good information. Wish I'd been more aware when my son was younger.
09/28/2008 3:09:09 PM CDT
Samantha Pruitt says ...
this is such a great show, very interesting and entertaining!
09/29/2008 8:55:48 PM CDT
curranm says ...
Heather C, Thank you for your question regarding Omega 3s and children. Essential fatty acids are especially vital for youngsters and young adults, since their bodies and brains are in crucial stages of development. As we heard, omega 3 is a kind of EFA that’s needed for the brain, heart, nervous system, tissues, skin, joints, and immune health. The brain needs a specific kind of omega 3 called DHA, potentially helpful for children with concentration and attention challenges. Studies show that these children may be deficient in omega 3s and 6s, and supplementation may be helpful. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1995, vol. 62, no. 4 Suppl). There are specific natural supplements available that are targeted for improved learning, and omega 3s are usually the primary ingredient.
09/30/2008 11:16:43 AM CDT
LeeAnn P. says ...
Very interesting. I give the kids Nordic Naturals which they love. Always kinda wondered if I really needed to, if they didn't get everything they need from a well balanced diet (I'm very lucky, my kids eat EVERYTHING) but now I'm happy I've been giving it to them, and I'll certainly continue to do so!
09/30/2008 8:02:16 PM CDT
Janet F says ...
Thank you for the explanation of how EFAs work and why we need them for children's growing brain and function, and behavior and mental health.
09/30/2008 10:14:58 PM CDT
Tracy says ...
Is it possible to put together a list of the best supplements for moms to take while breastfeeding, to ensure things like EFAs etc are passed to the baby?
03/12/2009 9:00:56 AM CDT