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Environmental Activism

April 22nd will mark the 38th annual observance of Earth Day. This celebration to honor the planet has grown to include the entire month of April, and this year we observed an Earth Hour on March 29th. In some parts of the world, this spirit of concern for Mother Earth has accomplished much since 1970: recycling is more common, rivers and landfills are being cleaned up and our youth are being educated in greenness, as these videos testify. But greed, sloth and general unconcern are still rampant.

How do we raise the green consciousness of those many people who are still oblivious to the environment’s deterioration? How do we accelerate the pace of green change?

Get involved. Click on “comments” below and send us your thoughts on the state of the Earth and how to enlist more people in its cause. Follow through by doing something green in your own home and community and then come back and tell us about that too.

Wishing you all a fulfilling Earth Month…