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Extra Credit

School's back in session, meaning a return to routines. How do you incorporate green living and awareness into the daily routine for your family? Peggy shares her story: "My six children learned about reduce, reuse and recycle long before they learned their ABC's. They amaze me with some of the creative ways they come up with to reuse items that so many of their friend's families view as trash. So many times they have come home and said, 'Mom, you'll never believe what so and so's mother is throwing out.' We have made quilts out of old flannel pajamas (they are so soft and warm), wind chimes out of old keys that no one knows what they go to, and purses out of old jeans. Even old bits and pieces of broken crayons get melted in the microwave and cooled in old muffin tins (found at the curb) and made into multicolored 'cookie crayons.' Broken dishes get saved and used for creating stepping stones - pizza boxes are a great mold for this use." What are some ways you instill green awareness and make eco-friendly practices a part of your family's daily life?