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Put Salad Bars in Schools!

If highly processed chicken nuggets and artificially flavored popsicles aren't your idea of a healthy lunch, get involved and help make school lunches healthier. Let’s give kids in your area a fresh start!

What are kids eating at school?

Highly processed foods are standard fare in many school lunchrooms, and more than two-thirds of public schools serve lunches that exceed recommended limits for fat content. And, we're paying for it with our kids' health. At least 30 percent of children are overweight, childhood obesity has more than doubled, and it is predicted that one in three will develop diabetes.

Our kids deserve better!

Whole Foods Market is proudly partnering with Chef Ann Cooper, a.k.a. "The Renegade Lunch Lady," to help schools make a change. Chef Ann has already transformed the school lunch experience for tens of thousands of children across America by helping their schools switch from processed foods to fresh, natural ingredients and scratch-made meals.

This Year: 300 Salad Bars by January

With your donations Chef Ann Cooper will install a salad bar in at least one school near each of our U.S. stores. That’s almost 300 salad bars! Help start the conversation about salad bars in every U.S. school.

Last Year: A Healthy School Lunch Toolbox

In 2009 your donations set the stage for a school lunch revolution by providing the funds to build thelunchbox.org, Chef Ann Cooper’s website providing free practical and professional tools and recipes for U.S. schools to create healthier school lunch programs.

How can you help?

Make a donation at any Whole Foods Market store in the U.S.to help us Put Salad Bars in Schools, or donate online at The Salad Bar Project. Give with confidence. 100% of proceeds will go to the non-profit organization Food Family Farming for purchase of salad bars and serving utensils, food service education and support, as well as oversight of the grant process.