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Janet says ...
I reused the plastic mulch bags by burying them along with tons of mulch to kill the weeds. It acts as a second barrier and nothing gets thru! Good option if you can't handle shoveling all that bulk mulch.
02/22/2008 1:38:53 PM CST
Barbara says ...
We are trying as a household to find as many ways as we can to "go green" We use stainless water bottles,I am eating Vegan and my husband eats Vegetarian, we use reusable grocery bags, keep paper bags and reuse them too. We eat as local as we are able too at this time and hope to manage to do more as we learn. We use wax paper to wrap food and buy soups etc. in glass jars rather than take away containers. We try to combine car trips to limit the number and generally are aiming towards consuming less. We "lobby" for natural gardening practices in our condo neighbourhood and this year for Christmas I gave all our skeptical children gifts of stainless drinking bottles and reusable shopping bags and tea tree oil for cleaning, reusable cloths to replace paper towels and organic granola. They loved them!! I am looking for more ways to go green and loving the challenge!
03/06/2008 6:50:03 PM CST
Kathy says ...
I love the idea of bringing a reusable container to the restaurant with you! I already do many of the ideas mentioned, but that one never occurred to me. I have hated taking home leftovers in those massive styrofoam boxes. Since my son has been in 1st grade, I have always packed his, and his 2 brothers', lunches in reusable containers (and cloth napkins). He is in 11th grade now, packs his own lunch and still does this! Unfortunately, it hasn't caught on more at his school. Does anyone have ideas on how to get the high school cafeteria to stop using so much styrofoam for everything they serve?!?!?
03/06/2008 10:20:34 PM CST