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Green Spring Cleaning

Since this is Earth Month, and it happens to be spring, why not combine the two by doing your spring cleaning the green way. How do you clean yourself and your house without using harsh chemicals? Send us your tips for green cleaning or tell us about your favorite commercial green cleaning products.

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Condo Blues says …

I made my own green version of scrubbing bubbles to clean the baked on crud under my stovetop. I sprinkled the crud with baking powder, then a bit of vinegar and let the foaming begin. After the foaming stopped, I easily wiped up the mess. This method worked much better than the green commercial cleaner & loads of elbow grease I tried (and failed at the job) earlier that day

Leslie Broder says …

We live in the Los Angeles area and needed to have our carpets cleaned. I found a company, Fosters Carpet Dry Cleaning, who used a Green Seal approved product to dry clean our home's carpets. The results were gorgeous and they didn't use any water, therefore no waste of water. Please let other people know about this unique service. We got their 'Earth Day' special and couldn't be happier getting great results and having "Gone Green" to do so.

Christine says …

A few tbs of white vinegar, a few drops of tea tree oil, and water in a spray bottle disinfects anything! I also use a mixture of about 1 tbs orange oil, 2 tbs white vinegar, and water in a spray bottle as a fresh-smelling cleanser, and it's also great for wood floors!

Suzanne says …

I have started using wash cloths to do my cleaning! I use less than one paper towel roll a week. I make sure I have plenty on hand so I can toss the washcloth in the wash with my clothes before they get smelly and germ laden. I use a specially marked toilet cleaning wash cloth for the rim of my toilets, I make sure this never gets used on the counters! Used mouthwash is also a great daily sink shiner! Just spit out the mouthwash in the sink and use your hand to spread it around the inside of the sink and rinse. This may sound gross but actually keeps the sink clean longer and smells great! Suzanne DeRosa The Little Green Tambourine, LLC. www.thelittlegreentambourine.com

Claire says …

Green cleaning all year round found me using snow in January to clean my large wool rug. A tip I learned from The Green Housekeeping Bible said to lay the rug on freshly fallen snow, cover with more snow, and leave a few hours, then shake it out. It worked surprisingly well. Later someone told me this is how Native Americans clean their rugs. Now you know, and may it snow, in January.