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Heirloom Tomatoes / Episode 2

By Archive, August 2, 2007  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Archive




Penny Pincher says ...
This is super, super cool! It's so interesting to hear the stories told by the local farmer.
08/02/2007 2:34:32 PM CDT
Slaton, Whole Foods Market Team Member says ...
Thanks, Penny Pincher. If you're interested in the stories behind some of the local farmers/ vendors that we do business with, you might take a look at our South region's "Farm to Market Slide Show Blog" which can be found at: http://wholefoodsmarket.com/socialmedia/farmtomarket/ While the farmers/ vendors featured here are local only to our South region, it does give you a glimpse into the strong relationships that all of our regions develop with local businesses.
08/03/2007 11:06:58 AM CDT
scott says ...
Slaton is right. They are very cool. Speaking of cool, have you guys ever made fresh heirloom tomato juice? Scott
08/03/2007 8:29:20 PM CDT
Darren says ...
Great episode, would love to see you meet up with more local growers throughout the WF market regions.
08/16/2007 6:58:04 PM CDT
scott says ...
Darren, we will! You'll see more episodes featuring small producers and growers. Honestly, it is a blast to visit these places, so it certainly doesn't meet with opposition from me!
08/21/2007 6:30:35 PM CDT