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I Rule! Celebrating My First Mother’s Day

This year I celebrate my first mother’s day. And what a wonderful, wild ride this motherhood-thing is. What I’ve learned over the last nine months since my son’s birth is that all the ways I was certain I would do things “when I’m a mom” have gone out the window. Until you actually experience it—the good, the bad and the teething—there is no way to understand what it truly takes to be a mom. Now, I’m sure that as baby grows up I’ll establish rules so we’ll have some order in the house and to guide him towards being a thoughtful human being. But for now, as long as he doesn’t eat the dog’s food, bite the cat or chew on daddy’s stereo, we’re good. Shoot, depending on the day I might even be lax about those rules. (Just joking, animal lovers.) Joking aside, there are a few “rules” that I’ve become more passionate about since having a child:
  1. Pick organic, when possible. I’ve been a stickler for this since I was pregnant and it’s especially important to me now that we’re introducing solid foods to the little guy. Point blank, I want to limit my family’s exposure to persistent and toxic pesticides, GMOs and synthetic growth hormones (rBST). The best way to do this is by choosing organic.
  2. Eat meat from animals raised without antibiotics. As a nursing mom, what I eat, my baby eats. So, I’m keenly aware of the concerns that the increased use of antibiotics in our food supply produces antibiotic-resistance bacteria, which puts human health at risk.
  3. Care about our body care. Concerned about his delicate skin, I only select baby care products that meet the Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care standards. But, after thinking about it a little, my husband and I deserve the same care. Luckily, we can get it affordably with the recently reformulated 365 Everyday Value® body care line.
  4. Look for the Whole Trade Guarantee. I am willing to pay a little more for a Whole Trade product because I know it means mamas (and daddies) will work in decent conditions and earn a living wage to support their families.
Obviously, these rules are really for my husband and me to follow and hopefully our little fellow will learn by our example. And speaking of the hubby, I’m not sure what mine has up his sleeve for my first mother’s day but I’m sure it involves good food. Lucky for me, I married a man who likes to cook. Lucky for him, I like to eat! Besides enjoying a home cooked meal, the only other things that would make my mother’s day perfect is a little extra sleep (yeah right, like that will happen) and to spend some unhurried, unscheduled time with my family - enjoying all the wonderful and wonderfully unexpected things about being a mom to a great little guy, teething and all. As you can see, my rules and my idea of the perfect mother’s day are pretty simple. Moms out there, what's in your mom's rules repertoire and do you have any advice for a newbie?