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Illuminate your Pasta Sauce?

Alright, we're definitely not talking about how to make glowing pasta sauce (something tells me that if it existed, glowing pasta sauce wouldn’t meet our Quality Standards), rather Jami, who shops at our Kansas City store, had a rather unique idea for how to reuse any number of glass jars, including, you guessed it, glass pasta sauce jars. Here’s her terrific idea: "I like to take my glass jars from finished pasta sauce, jelly, peanut butter, etc. and turn them into romantic lighting for our dinner parties on the patio. It's easy: just clean them, remove the outside label, and drop a tea light candle in the jars. Better yet, keep a stash of old candles that have melted down and turn them into one fun layered candle. It’s easy and best of all you've got beautiful mood lighting that benefits both the environment and your dinner party!" How do you reuse your glass containers at home? Is there another easy, environmentally conscious way that you reuse items to add ambience to your outdoor parties?