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It’s Hot. Win Iced Tea.

By Paige Brady, July 26, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady
Congratulations to Stephanie and thank you everyone who entertained us with your stories of how hot it is where you are. Stay cool everyone! Yep, it’s late July and hot as heck just about everywhere. Doesn’t it sound perfect to cool down with some ice-cold tea? We know! That’s why we’ve just introduced our new line of 365 Everyday Value Organic ready-to-drink teas. Now these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill ordinary bottled teas. These new teas are organic and Whole Trade®, which ensures the ingredients are grown with a commitment to ethical trade, the environment and quality products. And 1% of the sale of Whole Trade products benefits the Whole Planet Foundation™. That’s doing good twice (three times if you count the good it does you to drink great tea!). A majority of our tea leaves are grown in China and India — both known for their superior quality in tea leaf production — and our teas are bottled in the USA using 45% post consumer recycled plastic. We’ve created four flavored and lightly sweetened 16-ounce bottled teas and two unsweetened 64-ounce value options. Here’s the rundown: In 16-ounce bottles:
  • Organic Mint Green Tea
  • Organic Lemon Black Tea
  • Organic Peach Oolong Tea
  • Organic Mango Acai White Tea
In 64-ounce containers:
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Black Tea
We encourage everyone to give these great teas a try, and we’re going to jump start some supercharged cooling by choosing one reader to win a case of these delightful teas. Tell us why it’s sooooo hot where you are and why you think you should win the case of tea. We’re going to choose one winner at random but hey, make your story good ‘cause we want to sit back with a fun read and an ice-cold glass of tea. Enter your comment by August 4th.
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1 Comment


Leo says ...
How hot is it? it's so hot that I keep a 365 tea by my side at all time to keep myself hydrated. Can't stop drinking it!
07/28/2010 7:02:58 PM CDT
Charlie Jeanne Klumpp says ...
Heat index here in Indiana is over 100 again today. I've been trying to keep my flowerbeds weeded and mulched, but I'm struggling to stay hydrated. What was I thinking back in those cool, mild days of spring? Sure, the expansive beds of perennials are colorful and the curb appeal is wonderful -- but I'm pretty sure my muddy, sweat-soaked, unconscious, 66-year old body is going to seriously detract from the verdant view! Nothing refreshes a body like delicious iced tea -- and nothing soothes a social conscience like knowing you are consuming an organic, Whole Trade beverage. Please save our neighborhood vistas (and me) with a case of your new tea.
07/28/2010 7:02:43 PM CDT
Spiff says ...
A global heatwave is reason enough for me to want iced tea!
07/28/2010 7:01:46 PM CDT
Pam says ...
Living in the subtropics, "365" happens to be the perfect brand name for delicious, refreshing, organic iced tea. I'm definitely looking forward to trying it.
07/28/2010 7:02:08 PM CDT
Beth Cassody says ...
It is so hot here, right NE of Tulsa, that my chickens walk around with their wings held up to air out their sweaty pits. (I'm not sure chickens sweat, but they really do hold their wings away from their body.) Did you know chickens pant? Well, that's how hot it is!
07/28/2010 7:01:32 PM CDT
Celia says ...
I could really use some tea! We moved to the DC area in February from a lovely Seattle climate, and this triple digit heat is making me melt. Sitting on the balcony with some tea would be lovely.
07/28/2010 7:00:21 PM CDT
Scott says ...
Hi We are a non-profit 501Cs non-profit and are building a reclaimed office and home here in Los Angeles. We also have an organic garden we work on daily. It get very hot while we pull old nails, scrape wood, pull out materials on the road, from Los Angeles homes, that are being torn down or remodeled. Gardening can be hard too as I am sure you well know. We would love to chill and try some of your teas and promise that we won't waste a drop. =) To a Greener California! Scott Rainforest Preservation Foundation
07/28/2010 6:57:56 PM CDT
Lesli McGuire says ...
Dear Sirs: I live here in Alice, Texas which is very hot in the summertime since we are not near a major body of water that would cool us off. (Alice is about 45 miles west-northwest of Corpus Christi.) In the afternoons I often stop at a favorite drive -thru window of a local fast food restaurant to get my tea, and I always order it with lots of ice. It would save me a lot of money if I could win a case of the tea, then I would have it at the house already and I could take a bottle of it with me wherever I went. I should also tell you that I am a kidney dialysis patient and since I have huge medical bills and medical insurance premiums to contend with there isn't a lot of money left over to buy those extras in the first place. I have relatives who shop at your stores regularly and they sing your praises daily.
07/27/2010 7:10:07 PM CDT
Maria says ...
Summer in San Diego has been delayed and we need some iced teas to shake things up and bring the sunshine back!
07/28/2010 6:58:19 PM CDT
Erica T says ...
While the hot weather has been nice, artificially flavored drinks will not suffice! When organic is a way of life,it comes down to quality not price. Summer is only 104 days long, and you can't go wrong with green, black, white or oolong. I plan on enjoying the last of these summer days in a natural and sweetened way, so I would love a case of 365 teas!
07/28/2010 6:59:15 PM CDT
Katie Merrill says ...
It is sooooooooo hot here in Oklahoma because of the crazy humidity levels! Although the humidity is good for my skin, it doesn't do well quenching my thirst! Would love to win a case of 365 organic ready to drink teas!
07/27/2010 6:37:44 PM CDT
samu says ...
I have 6 months old twin boys. I run around the house with them...I need some ice tea to cool me !!!
08/02/2010 11:05:28 PM CDT
Linda says ...
Love the great variety of teas and flavors. These will be great when I cannot brew my own--like when I am traveling.
07/28/2010 6:49:56 PM CDT
Anna says ...
South Florida in July is extremely hot!!!! I walk every day and don't drive a car and let me tell you I have never sweated so much!
07/28/2010 6:50:17 PM CDT
Emma says ...
It's boiling in Rockville, MD. The power went out, which means no air conditioning and my 11-month old nephew (who I nanny for) has a cold and is teething and is too hot to go to sleep. It's a cold bath for him...and I'm thinking longingly of a glass of iced tea.
07/28/2010 6:51:29 PM CDT
Ann says ...
I'm here at work, drooling at the photo of your iced tea...it's so hot over here, could definately make a couple omlettes on the side walk. My car must be over 110 degrees, free sauna afterwork while driving home. Would be super refreshing to get a case of tea, guzzle it down, cool myself off - wish I could be a penguin in the Artic. Hey wait a minute...don't want to be eaten by a whale!
07/28/2010 6:51:57 PM CDT
Sandy Nevels says ...
It's so hot here in California - because this is where the hot California Girls are! That's just one reason why its so hot here in CA... The reason why I should win the case of tea...Is that it's been hot here lately and since we dont have air conditioning we rely on cold drinks and a fan blowing on us to stay somewhat cool. But what would really help out is a nice dip in the pool and a case of ice cold tea to keep me happy!
07/28/2010 6:52:01 PM CDT
MaryKay says ...
It's been at or near 100 degrees for quite a few weeks here in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico and having just moved into a house from an apt we were very happy. However, we were note quite ready for the shock of a swamp cooler vs. refrigerated air conditioning!! Sweating is now part of the daily routine and as you might guess, iced tea is a real treat that helps us get thru the day.
07/28/2010 6:52:16 PM CDT
Lorraine Brophy says ...
Yummy and so cool! So hot & humid here in New England
07/28/2010 6:53:46 PM CDT
Jamie Foshey says ...
During the summer, I tend to be very thirsty due to the crazy Milwaukee heat! Instead of chugging soda after soda, I prefer to fill my reusable water bottle with iced tea that I brew right at home. I have an iced tea maker (the best $15 investment you will ever make) and I'm able to use all the wonderfull teas that I buy at Whole Foods to mix and match my flavors. I'm doing really well at giving up soda, so I'm thinking this iced tea thing might be a year round habit for me. I hope everyone does the same! I've never tried the bottled iced teas at Whole Foods, but I would love to get a case and share with my friends. I'm sure they would love it!
07/28/2010 6:55:01 PM CDT
Megan says ...
Um, it's actually a little chilly where I am. I was simply born and raised in the south, and I get to cravin' a tall glass of sweet iced tea every now and then. A southern gal can only tolerate so many hot herbal teas :)
08/02/2010 10:22:43 PM CDT
Stephen says ...
It was hot. Hotter than we'd ever known. Birds were falling from trees. Cats and dogs were too pooped to pugilate. The earth cracked open and gasped. Then suddenly.. emerging from the horizon.. tea! Yes, tea! No more did we thirst! No more did we wimper! It had arrived! Tea! And in so many flavors! Flavors that transcended the deprivation of our imagination! Flavors that upended our uvulas! Flavors that lubricated our will to live and go on! Tea! Tea! TEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!
07/28/2010 6:49:10 PM CDT
Gerry O'Connor says ...
Beseiged by the triple Hs, this ice tea is the sole lubricant to free the soul and body from their devilish onslaught. In the right environment the beverage is like a cool, dry breeze making one at peace once again with one's place in the great scheme of things.
07/28/2010 6:48:43 PM CDT
Marlene says ...
We've had 5 heatwaves here in New Jersey already. I can count how many days its been below 90 on one hand! Could really use some cold refreshing tea while I try to keep my garden from dying!
07/28/2010 6:48:14 PM CDT
Taryn says ...
Well it doesn't get much hotter than in the DESERT! I'm living in Las Vegas and suffering pretty badly since I am originally from Vancouver, BC, and we just don't get heat like this up there. Organic, fair trade tea can get pretty pricey so a chance to sample some for free would be very much appreciated. Thanks for the opportunity!
07/28/2010 6:48:13 PM CDT