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By Archive, June 3, 2007  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Archive
Check out our South region's local grower and vendor profiles. Thanks for watching our slide show and please let us know what you think!
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Julia says ...
I really enjoyed the slide shows! Thanks!
06/21/2007 8:09:46 PM CDT
Kenn says ...
Raised in rural area and have always appreciated "natural foods". You are a pioneer in leading Americans to healthier living.
06/22/2007 12:05:26 PM CDT
Jennifer says ...
Thank you, Whole Foods, for supporting local farmers! Through support of companies like yours, I hope one day local farms become more viable and fewer are lost to strip malls and subdivisions. We depend on Whole Foods for providing organic and locally grown foods as a part of our healthy diet, and it's nice to see photos of all the wonderful people who help provide our local food. Good slide show!
06/25/2007 12:45:37 PM CDT
Ron Strauss says ...
It's encouraging to see smaller scale operations, some which are family-based, producing fresh locally grown products. These operators really care about quality, and are not willing to sacrifice food safety for higher production. They value good tasting wholesome products. Kudos to Whole Foods for helping to provide a market for this type of product, and to support these type of values.
07/09/2007 5:30:44 PM CDT
SogReest says ...
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