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Putumayo’s New “Beat”

By Dan Storper, September 7, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Dan Storper
Read on for a chance to win a 4-CD set from Putumayo’s Beat series and Groove series. Dan Storper is the CEO and Founder of Putumayo World Music. Putumayo continues its exploration of contemporary world music with the launch of a new "Beat" series, which follows in the footsteps of the successful “Groove” series. New releases African Beat and Latin Beat highlight the exciting blends of world music and electronica, R&B and more coming out of studios in Europe, America, Africa and Latin America. These releases are available at most Whole Foods Market stores. On Latin Beat, we explore funky new blends of Latin music, in which electronic beats, hip-hop flavors, DJ remixes and cutting-edge grooves are fused effortlessly with Colombian cumbia, Cuban son, Mexican banda, Spanish flamenco, Afro-Peruvian roots music and more. Cuban band Moneda Dura adds the voice of Buena Vista Social Club legend Ibrahim Ferrer to a catchy breakbeat sound. Colombians Jontre and Mariposa Solar demonstrate how effortlessly groundbreaking Latin musicians are using traditional rhythms in a contemporary pop context. Spain's Digitano takes Gypsy flamenco instrumentation and layers on electronic effects. These collaborations between modern Cuban groups and Cuban legends provide insight into how Latin music has managed to stay as popular and relevant today as it was 50 years ago. On African Beat, Putumayo features artists who are as likely to have traditional African drumming, soukous and mbaqanga on their IPods as they are the latest European dubstep and R&B. These tracks reveal that even in this globalized, hi-tech world, the divide between the past and the future is not as great as it may seem. Songs by musicians with deep connections to their roots, including Vieux Farka Touré and Les Barons, are remixed and reworked by Western DJs. The music of South Africa's Busi Mhlongo, Senegal's Lëk Sèn and Malian/French group Donso reveals how hip-hop, electronica and other urban musical styles have been incorporated into traditional African music, taking it in surprising new directions. We hope you give these new sounds a listen. Do you have a favorite song or group that showcases collaboration between two distinct music styles? Let us know what it is in the comments below for a chance to win a 4-CD set from Putumayo’s Beat series (African Beat and Latin Beat) and Groove series. (Arabic Groove and Turkish Groove). Comment by September 21st for a chance to win. We’ll choose one comment at random to receive the CDs.
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1 Comment


Chris says ...
Speaking of beats and grooves: Thievery Corporation and Groove Armada.
09/07/2011 6:46:04 PM CDT
Gina says ...
All these years later, I still really enjoy listening to Paul Simon's collaborative work with Ladysmith Black Mombazo on his Graceland album.
09/07/2011 7:35:30 PM CDT
Ellie says ...
I like Xavier Naidoo's European take on R&B
09/07/2011 8:23:27 PM CDT
Carli says ...
Looking forward to listening to the new compilations.
09/08/2011 4:06:10 PM CDT
Ree Bolton says ...
Putumayo publishes such wonderful music! I do hope I win this one! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!
09/08/2011 4:06:17 PM CDT
Karen says ...
Would love to have this music for when I teach Pilates!
09/08/2011 4:07:17 PM CDT
Jennifer Esquia says ...
So excited about this 4 cd set. Being Cuban I was raised with these percussion masters playing loud in the background of our family events. I would love to win this set... If not I will just buy it.
09/08/2011 4:07:55 PM CDT
molly says ...
i can't wait to hear this!
09/08/2011 4:08:19 PM CDT
Marianne Meyers says ...
Gypsy Groove and Turkish Groove are 2 of my most played cds!
09/08/2011 4:10:31 PM CDT
Rose says ...
I love Whole Foods Market!
09/08/2011 4:11:03 PM CDT
Karen R. says ...
I love drumming. I have Native American, African, and other cd's that are good for relaxation therapy. I also have a djin djin drum that I drum to the music with. Just for enjoyment and a get away. Please enter me into the sweepstake to win one of the sets. Thank you.
09/08/2011 4:11:27 PM CDT
Amy Kaufman says ...
I am all for grooving to new music!! Would love to win this!
09/08/2011 4:12:15 PM CDT
Amanda Wolfe says ...
Love everything Putumayo puts out... they helped me broaden my own musical tastes. I'm looking forward to the 4 CD set, it looks awesome!
09/08/2011 4:12:40 PM CDT
LeeAnn P. says ...
I don't know that I have a fave but I do like a lot of different music styles. I love the Hawaiian slack key guitar mixed with up tempo styles.
09/08/2011 4:12:42 PM CDT
Karen R. says ...
I also love the Whole Foods Market. I bought scented oils from there and fresh produce. I love the eclecticness of what the store brings. Wide variety of stuff.
09/08/2011 4:12:47 PM CDT
Pamela PinterParsons says ...
I love the Putomayo collection and use them in my music classes for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Also in my yogadance classes ... you can travel all around the world without ever leaving home! Keep up the great work!
09/08/2011 4:12:57 PM CDT
Carrie says ...
You cannot go wrong with Putumayo! Their compilations are always wonderful!
09/08/2011 4:13:28 PM CDT
Holly Cooper says ...
I love groups like Thievery Corporation that combine western grooves with traditional Asian styles. Other artists that combine those styles wonderfully are Bally Jagpal and M.I.A
09/08/2011 4:13:52 PM CDT
Sangita Tentler says ...
I love Putamayo world music collections and have been collecting their CD's since the late '90's. Hope to win this one!!!
09/08/2011 4:13:55 PM CDT
MEIAN LOW says ...
<3 IT
09/08/2011 4:13:57 PM CDT
Amelia says ...
No better feel-good-soundrack than Putmayo in the background!
09/08/2011 4:15:02 PM CDT
MEIAN LOW says ...
♥ IT !!!!!
09/08/2011 4:15:04 PM CDT
Rob P says ...
I love new world music!
09/08/2011 4:15:06 PM CDT
Megan says ...
We have some of their kids stuff. Would love to hear these!
09/08/2011 4:15:15 PM CDT
Ralph Branch says ...
I've always enjoyed good music and been interested in new and innovative artists. When I saw your Facebook post about them I listened to previews of the songs on iTunes. Sounds very good. I'm looking forward to the time spent getting into these lively and entertaining CDs.
09/08/2011 4:15:53 PM CDT