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Superfoods: Packed with “Antioxidants”

These days, ANTIOXIDANT is both a health buzz word AND a big reason to eat superfoods. But you may be wondering "what IS an antioxidant?" Antioxidants protect the body from wear and tear, while strengthening the immune system, muscles, bones and skin. They do this by stabilizing cell-damaging “free radicals” that form as we use energy and age. Unhealthy processed and sugary foods, stress, excessive exercise, extended sun exposure and some chemicals in our environment also spur free radical production. The more antioxidants present in the body, the less damage free radicals can cause. So go for more superfoods for a great-tasting health boost in every bite

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armin says …

Antioxidants are agents from plant sources that prevent the breakdown or mutation of cells in the body. Astaxanthin, the active ingredient in <a href="http://agewellproducts.com/bioastin.html" rel="nofollow">Bioastin</a>, has demonstrated exceptional capabilities as an antioxidant.

Susanne says …

Naked Juice "Green Machine" looks like swamp water, but tastes exactly like a strawberry/banana smoothie! It is a wonderful source of antioxidants! Give it a try!

sheila says …

please let me know where to find Zia skin care, especially looking for zia essential eye gel. the whole foods in cranston,ri was supposed to order it for me, but i never heard back from them. can i order this through you online?????

says …

We apologize for not getting back to you regarding the Zia order. The store has been contacted. We do not have online ordering at this time. However, you can also find all Zia products on their web site: www.zianatural.com. Thanks for letting us know.

Richard Milam says …

Can you provide the ingredient list / recipe? Thanks!