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This morning, I ran out of my house without eating breakfast. I know, I know. My mother would be terribly upset with me. Thankfully, I work at the Whole Foods Central office, located just above our flagship store in Austin, TX on Lamar Street. Woo, not only did I manage to scrap together a delicious breakfast for under $5 (vegan breakfast tacos and organic OJ!), but since Paige is out, I also got to pick this week's The Whole Deal™ winner! This week's tip comes to us from Jeanne Delagardelle:
Once a week my husband shops at the Whole Foods near our home. He picks up everything we need for the week, and if a staple or non-perishable is on sale he really loads up. And about two or three times per week I walk to the Whole Foods that is about six blocks from my workplace. I pick up anything that he may have forgotten plus I get to take my time in the Whole Body aisles. I get some exercise and I get to do some good old-fashioned browsing. I love that Whole Foods puts out so many testers of the skin care products that they carry.
Great teamwork, Jeanne and yes - we are happy to let our guests test out our products before buying, whether it's food or body care - all you have to do is ask. Keep those tips comin'! For some value tips straight from our store, check out this Value Tour video with Jim Palladino of our Austin-Lamar flagship location. Team members give daily value tours to our guests, helping them find the best deals on our products around the store for their various needs - whether it be shopping for one, a family or a party. Check your local store's online calendar and see when they offer value tours. The prices mentioned were valid at the Lamar Whole Foods Market® store on 06/19/08. Prices are subject to change beyond that date at this store or at your nearest Whole Foods Market®.