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Especially in the midst of a busy holiday season, it's easy to forget the basics.  Every day, Whole Foods Market offers excellent ways to help you shop smarter and within your budget.  Did you know we offer case discounts or that you can ask for samples  of our food?  Have you taken one of our value tours - showcasing lower cost items and tips on how to shop healthfully and within your budget?  Check out this week's customer tips from The Whole Deal™ to see the everyday value you may have been missing. Remember, each week, we choose tips to be featured in our weekly The Whole Deal™ blog post. Every chosen tip gets a $25 gift card, so submit your tips and recipes here. Belinda:
I have two daughters, ages 4 and 1. My 4 year old is a VERY picky eater. I used to buy things that I think she would eat, but often times it’s something she ends up not liking. I would also try to fix dishes I think she’d like but she usually ends up turning it away. This causes alot of waste through trial and error, and a frustrated mom who usually ends up eating much of the left overs or having to throw some of it out. This can get expensive over time. My tip is this — I love to bring my girls to Whole Foods to just sample the food in every department. This way if they like something, I know I have a sure winner and that is usually what I end up making that night for dinner. I have also purchased lunch, snacks, treats, etc using this method. No food is wasted as we already had a taste test ahead of time at Whole Foods! You can’t lose — if my daughter doesn’t like a sample… we simply move onto the next! And the best part - the samples are FREE! Whole Foods hardly ever has the same sample twice, so every trip to the store is a new experience.
I have started asking about case discounts, and this has saved me quite a bit of money. I realized that there are items that I buy large quantities of, that I might as well buy a case of at a time to save considerable money. There are also items that I buy every month regularly, so it is smarter to buy more at once and get a discount. You can ask in just about any department, including even produce. I eat a lot of raw foods and raw vegetables, which can be expensive, and if you buy by the case, it is a lot cheaper. Or if you have a big family or even a one-time gathering, it’s smart to ask about discounts. It never hurts to ask. I also ask about special-ordering certain cheaper cuts/types of meat and fish in the meat and seafood departments. The seafood department especially, is very nice about special-ordering anything. And in the meat deparment, they will often cut things for you, take the skin off for you for free, etc. I try to be more creative and think outside the box to save money, and it pays off. I recommened always asking about anything!
First and foremost, shoppers should sign up for the Whole Foods Value Tour, an hour-long trip around the story by a knowledgeable staff member, during which bargain items are highlighted and pointed out, and department heads are introduced. This was a big help to those of us who find grocery shopping in a large supermarket filled with so many wonderful items to be a tad overwhelming!