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The Whole Deal Value Guide Out Now

In case you haven't seen it yet, wanted to give you a heads up that the spring issue of The Whole Deal value guide is in stores now, packed with money- and planet-saving tips just in time for Earth Month! Want a sneak peek? Here's what you'll find:

Learn to Cook, Learn to Save

  • 12 budget recipes including:
    • Steak and Goat Cheese Salad ($3.74/serving)
    • Mahi Mahi Pineapple Skewers with Tomatillo Salsa ($3.49/serving)
    • Crowd-pleasing Spanish Tortilla with Roasted Peppers and Spinach ($0.75/serving)
  • 11 Sure Deals!
    • Whole Foods Market™ Organic Pasta ($1.99 for 16-ounce box)
    • Allegro® Bargain Brew Coffee ($9.99 for 12-ounce bag)
    • 365 Everyday Value® Cereal Bars ($2.49 for 6-bar box)

Save Money and Save the Planet

  • Drink Up without Filling Up Landfills: Get a water filter or refill dispenser water jugs instead of single-use plastic bottles
  • No Waste While Watching Your Waist: Watch portion sizes to help balance consumption with resources. Make and take your lunch in a reusable container.
  • Change Habits & Change the World: Use cloth towels instead of paper towels. Carry reusable shopping bags. Use bulk bins to save on packaging. Vacuum fridge coils and wash clothes in cold water to save energy.

Shortcut to Savings: Meet the (French) Press

  • Make your favorite coffee-shop drinks at home with a French Press for big savings
    • Latte or Cappuccino: 90 cents at home compared to $2.70-$3.00 at coffee shop
    • Mocha: $1.30 compared to $3.00-$3.50
    • Flavored Latte: $1.70 compared to $3.00 to $3.30
You can check out more on The Whole Deal page, but you have to pick it up in the store to get the great coupons!