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Why Choose Organic?

By Archive, August 27, 2007  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Archive
From supporting a biologically diverse, healthy environment to limiting the toxic and long-lasting chemicals in our surroundings, there’s no shortage of reasons to buy organic. Take a look at our top reasons for choosing organic. Why do you choose to buy organic?
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Jampa Williams says ...
I buy organic for my son Noah and myself to honor his love of the earth and my own, and to nurture our health as we nurture the health of the earth. From the farmers and laborers who work the soil, whose health is precious to us, to the animals who sojourn alongside us in our journey through life, I see a continuum of sacred beings who need and deserve soil, water and air that will sustain them, rather than poison them. Noah, at 7, is a dedicated environmental activist, and he does this in a range of ways: by testifying on behalf of "green" legislation, by using the wonderful Laptop Lunch system for school lunches (eliminating any need for plastic or paper bags), by being mainly vegan, by recycling, and in many other ways - most of all, simply by approaching the natural world each day with a loving heart. For myself, organic is also a survival mechanism. As a graduate of the "Breast Cancer School of Health Awarness", I am simply not willing to introduce toxins into my body. My child needs me to be as healthy as I can be. Why organic? Good heavens, why on earth not?
08/29/2007 8:22:21 AM CDT
Sharon L. Isom says ...
I am a cancer survivor and shopping at Whole Foods helps my well being.
08/30/2007 7:00:34 AM CDT
Saluca says ...
The reason I choose organic is that as a Cancer survivor, one thing I have learned is that it is extremely important to try to keep the body as alkalinized as possible, and to not feed the Cancer. Juicing produce, whether it be veggies of fruit gives important nutrients to the body that help fight toxins, and get rid of free radicals. However, if you juice with non-organic, you are also juicing the pesticides along with it and these are poisionous. Saluca
08/30/2007 7:01:34 AM CDT
Aurora Hernandez says ...
I have many reasons to give my family organic food but one of them is they either do not have any kind of anabolic or hormones that can alter the biochemical balance of our organism, critic for the healthy and normal growth of the children. Aurora, Framingham Ma.
08/30/2007 7:08:25 AM CDT
Sharon L. Isom says ...
I suggest to all my friends how food is so important to their well being. I invite them to dinner and then they are convinced that it is worth the trip to shop at Whole Foods.
08/30/2007 7:13:55 AM CDT
Karen Harrington says ...
I have always searched for organic foods when possible.I appreciate the outstanding quality and taste of organic and the assurance of knowing that the product does not contain any harmfultoxins for my body. Thanks to Whole Foods making healthy choices is easy.
08/30/2007 7:50:07 AM CDT
Jen B. says ...
I love thinking about all of the pollinators buzzing around flowering crops in a state of euphoria. I watch this in my own organic garden and it gives me a sense of wonder and hope.
08/30/2007 8:28:05 AM CDT
bethie says ...
Why do I chose organic? Organic farmer's and farming practices treat the Earth's soil with respect. We all used to love to play in dirt when we were kids; making mudpies, mudwrestling, planting seeds and watching them grow. I'm a grown-up kid and I still occasionally play in the dirt, and if my husband and I ever have children down the road, I want my children to play in beautifully dark brown soil that doesn't contain pesticides and other scary things.
08/30/2007 8:39:06 AM CDT
Gigi Hudecki says ...
I buy organic because I know in my head and heart that it will contribute to my overall well-being. I would rather pay a little bit more for organics than pay for medicine or a trip to the Doctor. I am much more selective in my purchases and have decreased what I throw away . I thoroughly enjoy the Whole Foods experience and don't consider it only food shopping, the employees are all friendly, interesting and engaging and the array of foods are superb and interesting.
08/30/2007 8:42:49 AM CDT
Phil Gatti says ...
I choose organic milk because I believe that that regular milk contains hormones that stimulate/prolong lactation in cows. These naturally are hormones that can affect us in deleterious ways and may contribute to breat and prostate cancer.
08/30/2007 9:37:05 AM CDT
Geneva Daniels says ...
Why did I go organic? I went organic in several different ways. First I fell in love with the taste of some Organic Potatoes sold at Whole Foods, then I found out that many organic foods are grown right here in Pennsylvania. That means less gas used to transport the food. It just tastes great to me. It also is helping me with my Cholesterol, by bringing it down and keeping it down. Delightfully healthy.
08/30/2007 10:04:58 AM CDT
Stephanie Valente says ...
For me, one of the best ways to promote green living ideas is to share ideas with your immediate family and friends to get them on the bandwagon - for Christmas this year I am giving food gifts (homemade preserves, etc.) in mason jars with an attached note on ways to reuse the jar - I've done away completely with aluminum foil, plastic bags and wraps and use recycled glass jars to store everything. Hopefully, the ideas I pass on to my friends and family and will encourage them to conserve and pass the ideas onto others - think locally = think global - don't be afriad to start small with your own small community :)
08/30/2007 10:06:21 AM CDT
Anne K. says ...
For many years, we grew our own vegetables organically, and bought from nearby farmers who also grew organically. Certification wasn't done in New Jersey back then, so knowing the farmer helped the decision. Now that we no longer "grow our own," I still prefer to buy organic wherever possible, not only for the safety, but for the taste. Just tastes better!
08/30/2007 10:26:59 AM CDT
Kendra says ...
Organic farmers grow their foods without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). I think that has to account for long-term health benefits for my family including normal neurological and growth development in my children. And best of all... it tastes great!
08/30/2007 10:29:33 AM CDT
Jan says ...
I think of the food I eat as a prescription for good health. I choose organics because the food we choose to put in our bodies can have as powerful an effect as a prescription medication. If it is NOT organic, it's like taking a pill and not knowing what's really in it (toxins? chemicals? hormones?), and that is an unsafe risk to take.
08/30/2007 10:30:13 AM CDT
Leigh says ...
Buying organic for me is a no-brainer. It's better for me, better for the earth, and tastes better (especially organic milk). Although it is a little more expensive, I feel like it is worth it because of the overall benefits. Plus I like the fact that I can "vote" with my dollars for more organic, wholesome choices. If consumers show that they are willing to pay an extra couple of dollars for something that is certified organic, more companies will take notice and begin offering more certified organic products.
08/30/2007 10:39:51 AM CDT
Lauri Scally says ...
Choosing organic is not only better for our health but it helps me introduce, to my young daughter, ways in which we can be responsible for our impact upon the planet. We keep organic summer herbs on hand all year round by chopping them and freezing them in marked ice cube trays. When we are making stews, soups or sauces, we just pop a frozen cube into the mix.
08/30/2007 11:00:58 AM CDT
claudia hopkins says ...
when my first child was born almost 20 years ago...there was an alar contamination in jar baby foods. After that I started buying organic baby foods and eventually became almost totally organic. Twenty years ago it was very difficult to find organic foods. Thank goodness for Whole Foods....they make organic shopping a pleasure. As a biochemist I know how important it is to keep the levels of contaminants in our foods as low as possible...and that levels acceptable for the adult body are far too high for the body of a child. That is why I buy organic for my 5 children.
08/30/2007 11:01:16 AM CDT
Anne House says ...
I have pretty simple reasons for shopping organically - my eldest son who has been diagnosed with ADHD, Bi-Polar disorder and Tourette's disorder. When he eats organically, the symptoms of ADHD are significantly reduced and he can function without meds, needing only a DHA supplement to sharpen his mind a bit. Since I see the likelyhood of ADHD occurring in my youngest daughter, eating organically makes their lives less stressful.
08/30/2007 1:13:12 PM CDT
Michele Jones says ...
Not only does organic food taste better, and is better for our planet, but I like knowing what is in my food. If it's a chemical that I can't pronounce, then it doesn't belong in my food. Less chemicals = less stress on my body as well.
08/30/2007 5:15:50 PM CDT
Eileen Duncan says ...
As a Pediatric RN for over 30 years and parent, I choose organic or try to know where products come from(some farmers cannot affort the fees associated with being certified organic) just as I avoid using pesticides in my household, yard, and the community/school gardens I am involved with. Children have greater exposure to toxins than adults due to the fact that pound for pound of weight, children drink more,eat more and breathe more air than adults; they have increased consumption due to their rapid metabolism rate. Children are biologicaly immature and their abilities to detoxify and excrete certain toxins is much different from that of adults. They are less able to deal with toxins and their developing nervous systems, immune systems, and other structures are more vulnerable. Children exposed early on to carcinogens and toxins have more years of life than an older adult exposed and so more time to develop chronic diseases. Young children have almost constant hand to mouth behavior and play close to the ground, increasing their exposure to toxins on plants, dust,carpets and vapors.The use of chemicals over the past 30 years has doubled and yet limited research has been done on the impact of this use on our children and the world we are handing over to them.
08/30/2007 6:24:30 PM CDT
Kendra says ...
The real question is, "why wouldn't you choose organic?". If it is available, the only reason not to is the price difference, but can we really put a price on our health?
08/30/2007 6:58:07 PM CDT
Cindy says ...
I have learned so much about my body and what it needs to be healthy in the last few years. Many trips to the doctor is just not worth it when I eat something wrong. Organic is the only way--Thank you to Whole Foods and your help to find foods that I can eat and all the organic foods you carry. It is almost like having my own garden.
08/30/2007 9:34:13 PM CDT
Ninesuns says ...
The one thing that turns the less educated away from "organic" is price. My friends all balk at the price of organic products - of course, if I can get them to try some organic fruit, for example, they do admit that the flavor is so much better. But there's one other thing that people overlook, and that's the quantity one consumes. I found by tracking my food expenses that I spent no more buying at Whole Foods than I spent purchasing at regular markets before. And the product taste and quality, quite frankly, is like such products used to taste during the forties when chicken tasted like chicken and milk had the cream on top. The fact is, you get so much more nutrition from whole foods that you don't eat as much. So you actually wind up spending less. The other fact is, if you educate yourself about such foods, you get your aminio acids, which just help you to eat less even more. Not to mention your health, which gets better as well. With good suppliments - as needed- and good eating habits, there's many minor, and some major illness you can cure. We are in a great revolution with our food sources, realizing that dead foods are no more than pulp poured down into our bodies that wind up stealing our lives. Nope!, Whole Foods is the only way to go. For example, I call store bought white bread "puffed wood."
08/31/2007 7:35:42 AM CDT
Michelle LaCombe says ...
I shop organic for my children. At first, it was to protect them from pesticides and such. But when my son was born, he was allergic. He had reactions when I drank grape juice (I breastfed him), so I eliminated it. Other foods followed. When he started solids, more foods had to be eliminated (a total of 15 to date) and he developed eczema. I learned of other children who had reactions to pesticides & preservatives. And then Joseph's 4 yr old sister also started having eczema in response to certain foods. I realized that we needed to eliminate all chemicals from all foods, or both my children would develop severe allergies to everything! Since then, all our food has been organic as much as possible. In addition, we rotate what we eat to avoid developing more allergies. This requires having access to a wide variety of organic produce & meat. My son is almost 4 now, his sister nearly 8. He is doing very well, and his eczema is pretty much gone. We are still working on his sister's eczema. The food allergies are still there and affect the kids' social activities. Special foods must be provided for school activities, club mtgs, and parties. But Whole Foods has many allergen-free foods in addition to their organics, which makes this task much easier. Hooray for Whole Foods!
08/31/2007 8:17:08 AM CDT