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World Water Day

This Saturday, March 22, is World Water Day, a day of awareness about the people who do not have the luxury of safe drinking water. Most of us think that such a problem can only happen in underdeveloped countries, but the recent news about pharmaceuticals in municipal drinking water in the U.S. and Europe brings the problem to your kitchen faucet. In addition, the almost daily revelations of threats to fresh water around the globe, from rivers polluted by agricultural runoff to aquifers contaminated by landfills, is sufficient motivation for each of us to try and do something about it. No part of this problem is too trivial, so give us your views — or perhaps a solution — regarding any aspect of it, big or small, from the potential contaminants in your plastic water bottle that were discussed in the last two posts, to your opinions on public water policy. What can or should be done to protect and improve our fresh water supply? What do you do to make sure your drinking water is pure? Please join our conversation on this critical topic and take a moment this World Water Day to consider what’s coming out of your faucet.