Organic Food Bar, Inc. Expands its Voluntary Recall on Chocolatey Chocolate Chip Bars to Include Additional Products and Lots

May 2, 2011

Organic Food Bar, Inc. of Fullerton, CA is issuing a voluntary recall on the specific listed lots of RAW Organic Food Bars listed below, because they may contain undeclared peanut proteins from cashew butter supplied by one of the vendors. These bars are being recalled because they are made with the same lot of cashew butter that was used in previously tested chocolatey chocolate chips bars.

The products being recalled are:

Name UPC Codes
Cinnamon Raisin 873521000114 LOT 3070910 with EXP 09-Jul-11,
LOT 3072110 with EXP 21-Jul-11,
LOT 3083110 with EXP 31-Aug-11,
LOT 2092710 with EXP 27-Sep-11,
LOT 3100410 with EXP 04-Oct-11
Chocolate Coconut 873521000312 LOT 6071210 with EXP 12-Jul-11,
LOT 6072810 with EXP 28-Jul-11,
LOT 4081710 with EXP 17-Aug-11,
LOT 3082710 with EXP 27-Aug-11,
LOT 5102010 with EXP 20-Oct-11
Oooatmeal Apple Pie 873521001111 LOT 2071610 with EXP 16-Jul-11,
LOT 1083010 with EXP 30-Aug-11,
LOT 3090710 with EXP 07-Sep-11,
Chocolatey Chocolate Chip 873521000213 LOT 2062810 with EXP 28-Jun-11,
LOT 4062810 with EXP 28-Jun-11,
LOT 3071210 with EXP 12-Jul-11,
LOT 2072810 with EXP 28-Jul-11,
LOT 2081610 with EXP 16-Aug-11,
LOT 4092810 with EXP 28-Sep-11,
LOT 2102010 with EXP 20-Oct-11,
Fiber Chocolate Delite 873521000411 LOT 6062810 with EXP 28-Jun-11,
LOT 7072110 with EXP 21-Jul-11,
LOT 1082710 with EXP 27-Aug-11,
Keerunch Crunchy Chocolate Chip 873521001210 LOT 3070710 with EXP 07-Jul-11,
LOT 2101410 with EXP 14-Oct-11,
Oohmega Cherry Pie 873521001012 LOT 3070710 with EXP 29-Jul-11,

The voluntary recall is being initiated since the product may contain peanut allergen through cross contamination of cashew butter provided to the manufacturer by a former supplier. RAW Organic Food Bar lots were distributed nationally in USA.

For more information please contact the company at 1 800 246 4685 or visit the FDA website.