Four in Hand River Card Wheat

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Wheat Beer


As the name implies, wheat beer is brewed with a high amount of wheat grain (traditionally around 50% or more) in addition to malted barley.


Light tasting with low acidity, a creamy head and brisk, effervescent finish—add a fresh lemon wedge if you wish! Pair with seafood and spicy foods. It’s customary to leave a bit in the bottle and swirl it around to loosen the flavorful, yeasty sediment before finishing the pour.


Wheat beer was first developed by Germanic tribes during the Middle Ages. Today there are four main wheat-beer brewing styles: Southern German Weissbier, Berliner Weisse, Belgian Witbier and American Wheat Beer.

Four In Hand River Card Wheat

Refreshing River Card Wheat is an American-style wheat beer with a touch of rye malt for a distinctive fruity flavor that has hints of vanilla and clove. It’s smooth on the palate with a rich, creamy head and a crisp finish.