Great-Tasting Meat

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Get to know your butcher! Our meat counter not only offers quality products, it offers quality service! We want you to enjoy our meat and poultry as much as possible, so feel free to ask questions, whether you're looking for a special cut, a special order or cooking tips.

We also make your life easy by creating oven-ready meals, stuffed meats and kabobs, in-house sausage and freshly ground beef, and by providing cooking instructions and personal recommendations — not to mention complimentary services, including seasoning and marinating.

Plus, our standards prohibit animal byproducts in the animal's feed and both antibiotics and added hormones.*

Our further processed meat items, such as packaged sausage, ham and bacon, start with meat from our own approved producers and then must adhere to our Quality Standards, which include:

  • No synthetic nitrates/nitrites

  • No irradiation

  • No artificial ingredients

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising pork, poultry, goats, veal and bison.