Stop by our Seafood Department to try new seafood recipes and learn a new technique!


Ciao! Amico! Join us in our specialty department for a casual Italian wine tasting, small bites and live jazz.


Chef Stephanie will show you how to make homemade matzo ball soup. She’ll be serving her classic recipe as well. $4 a bowl. 

Sweet & Savory


Sweet & Savory

Did you know that Bakery items could be salty and spicy in addition to sweet ? Join us on the above dates   where we will be featuring   sweet and savory desserts from our Bakery Team.   Try items such as   strawberry shortcake with fresh basil and a balsamic syrup,  or perhaps  bread pudding with dark chocolate and bacon.  Stop by,   and taste the delicious pairings.

Fish Fridays


Fish Fridays

Join Evelyn our Culinary Demo Specialist for a recipe demonstration & sampling of an easy seafood entrée you can put together in minutes.


Good Friday Demo

Have a Healthy & Happy Easter! Pick up a recipe and enjoy a taste of what Emily will be having for Easter this year.


Passover Charoset Demo

Have a Healthy & Happy Passover! Pick up a recipe and enjoy a taste of a traditional dish of Passover, Charoset.  

Mango One Day Sale & Tasting

It is mango mania! From 12-2pm, our healthy cooking coach email will be making up samples and sharing recipes to turn your mangos into something marvelous at home.

Happy Easter! - Food Tasting

Join us for an Easter tasting from our Prepared Food's Menu! Happening Saturday, April 12 at 2pm.

Allergy Awareness - A Whole Body Event

Join us in our Whole Body department from 4pm-7pm for our Allergy Awareness Whole Body Event!


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