Kosher Day

Think Kosher Food means Matza Balls and Macaroons? Think again!

Join us to sample a variety of Kosher foods including everyday staples and delicious new foods. Rabbi Moshe Fuss from Chabad will be joining us to answer questions about kosher foods as well.

Butchering Techniques with Freddie

Join us in our Meat Department for our "Butchering Techniques" series featuring a different how-to each week. We will teach you different preparation techniques and reveal handy tips so you can create your own tasty dish for family meals, entertaining, or any time!
April 5: Beef Rib
April 12: Beef Tenderloin
April 19: Chuck Cuts 

Cheese Nights — Taste & Learn

Our 2nd Cheese Nights features the complex flavors of raw-milk cheeses. Join our cheese specialist Damaris for a night of savory samples and tips.

Salmon Suppers

Join us at the Health Starts Here table to learn how to build plant-strong meals around a heart-healthy protein, salmon!

Salmon Suppers Demo

Join us to learn how to build plant-strong meals around a heart-healthy protein, salmon! Learn more about the quality of the responsibly raised Atlantic Salmon as well.

Health Starts Here: Buckwheat Soup Demo

Join us to taste a new Made Right Here buckwheat split pea soup! Jars with all of the ingredients will be sold for $5 each.

Cheese Nights: Taste and Learn

Savor the complex flavors of raw-milk cheeses and learn what makes them unique. Experience the difference as you taste a selection of the world's best! Free!

Easter and Passover Tasting

Taste the best from our catering and bakery departments. Place your order so that you can spend less time cooking and more time with your family!

Health Starts Here Passover Demo

Stop by the store during lunchtime, taste a delicious sample of Apricot-Pistachio Haroset, made in –house by our Healthy Eating Specialist, Robin, then take the recipe home!

Pirro's Pasta Sauce Demo

Terry Pirro will be here demonstrating classic Italian recipes using his delicious local and homemade sauces. Terry owned Pirro’s restaurant in Woodstock, IL for 16 years before he began Pirro’s Foods. The recipes go back generations. Through the years, with a touch of inspiration, creativity and more than a little love, the Pirro family has interpreted and refined their time-honored family recipes. It's the combination of the old and the new that makes Pirro's recipes so wonderfully unique


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