Health Starts Here 'Bulgar with Radishes, Spinach and Pine Nuts' Demo

Health Starts Here with Dian 'Bulgur with Radishes, Spinach and Pine Nuts' 5:00-6:30pm  

Heatlh Starts Here 'Super Avocado & Spinach Smoothie' Demo

Health Starts Here with Dian 'Avocado Smoothies' 12:00-2:30pm       

Wine Tasting

Thursday, 9 January, 5-7pm we are having a complementary tasting of two Proseccos.  


One is Animae, a 100% certified organic Prosecco with no sulfites added.

Color: brilliant, with a pale straw yellow and green shades, nice creamy bubbles

Flavor: notes of apple and pear, mineral sensation at the end and light scent of bread crust, ample, with fine quality

Whey Protein Breakfast Blast Smoothie Demo

Frida is blitzing up 'Whey Protein Breakfast Blast Smoothies'. 12:30-2:30pm. Kick your day off to a great start with a homemade smoothie.

Health Starts Here 'Quinoa & Barley Porridge'

Health Starts Here witrh Dian 'Quinoa & Barley Porridge' 5:00-6:30pm

Wellness Fair


Sunday 26th January - Camden Wellness Fair!


Pop in anytime between 12 and 3pm and get a taste of our favourite health delicious products that will help you with your New Year resolutions!


Some of our favourite vendors will be sampling their products

CHI Coconut water

Bounce Balls protein balls


Optibac Probiotics


and more!

Health Starts Here – Seafood Recipe Showdown!

Healthy Eating Specialists from all of our Triangle area stores will be HERE competing to see who has the tastiest oven-ready seafood dish.  5 dishes and only 1 can be the winner. YOU get to taste them all and then vote on which one should be victorious.  Cast your ballot and be entered to win one of three Whole Foods Market gift cards.

4 for $4 Tasting

Have you tried our 4 for $4 in Prepared Foods?  Four sample sizes of our Health Starts Here dishes from our chef’s case for only $4!  Jenn will have tastes of some of the salads to help you decide which 4 you want to try first!  Not able to make the tasting?  Don’t worry, our 4 for $4 runs all day every day.

Health Starts Here 'Double Green Smoothie' Demo

Health Starts Here with Dian 'Double Green Smoothie' 12:00-2:30pm Try this surprise smoothie for an on-the-go breakfast that's packed with the nutrients of hearty greens but tastes like a perfect blend of fruit.      

Health Starts Here 'Amaranth Banana Breakfast Porridge' Demo

Health Starts Here with Dian 'Amaranth Banana Breakfast Porridge' 5:00-6:30pm Amaranth is a diminutive, gluten-free grain that was once grown and enjoyed by the Aztecs. Its earthiness and somewhat sticky texture provides an interesting twist to your typical breakfast cereal.       


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