Getting Started: Forum

So you've registered for and are ready to join in the discussion. Here's a quick guide to getting started on our forums.

Joining the Discussion

Browse the topics on the Forum page and see where you would like to join in. Click on "Add New Post" or "Reply to this post" to join in the discussion.

If you would like to start a new topic, click on the "Start Discussion" button to create a new thread.

Reporting Abuse

Under each post in every discussion, there is a link to "Report Abuse." If you find that a post is defamatory, self-promotional, offensive, spam or otherwise inappropriate, please let us know by clicking on the "report abuse" link. Please do not respond to posts that you consider "Abuse."

Simple Tips


If you would like to reply to an existing post, you can click on "Reply to this post." This will take you to a screen that will "quote" the text of the post you're replying to. Be sure that your new text sits outside of the [quote][/quote].

Bolded Threads

If you are logged in, the unread threads will be bolded. If you have previously read a thread but there have been new messages since your last visit, the thread subject will be bold again.

Forum Feedback

We welcome any general feedback about our Forums in this section. In particular, if you come up with a new topic that does not fit any of existing forum categories, please post a thread under "Forum Feedback" to suggest a new category.

Misplaced Threads

Misplaced discussion topics will be moved to a different category at the discretion of the Forum moderators.