Holiday Hacks

Have no fear, you can do it!

There are times when a dish needs a little help to be perfect. Come to the rescue with these easy fixes.

1. Gravy is too thin

Stir in cornstarch (1½ teaspoons per cup of liquid). Dilute it in a little cold water, add to gravy and stir over medium heat until the mixture boils and thickens.

2. Gravy is too thick

Thin it out with beef, chicken or vegetable broth or water.

3. Gravy is too lumpy

Pour it through a mesh strainer into a pan. Heat gently, stir and serve immediately.

4. Gravy is too salty

Add a peeled, raw potato and simmer. Remove potato. Taste the gravy. Add a squeeze of lemon too, if needed.

5. Stuffing is too dry

Add a little chicken broth, cover with aluminum foil and bake a little longer. Continue until you reach the desired moistness level.

6. Stuffing is too moist

Break it up, spread it in an even layer on a baking sheet, and bake until dried to the desired level.

7. Turkey is still frozen

Make sure the turkey is sealed in a leak-proof wrapper and place it in a vessel large enough to completely contain it. Add cold water to cover. Change the water every 30 minutes and allow 30 minutes of thawing time per pound.

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