Local Vendor Profiles In Massachusetts

Allandale Farm

Location: Brookline, MA

Boston's last working farm offers tomatoes, beets, greens, summer and winter squash, beans, peppers, and eggplant.

Atlas Farm

Location: Deerfield, MA

Situated on perhaps the most fertile growing soil on the East Coast, Atlas crops include organic Asian greens, carrots, leeks, summer squash, herbs, and edible flowers.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery

Location: Housatonic, MA

Hearth baked breads and pizzas using natural nutritious sourdough for leavening.

Capone Foods

Location: Somerville, MA

Home-style fettuccine, tortellini, ravioli, lasagna and pasta sheets make your meals easy and satisfying.

Cocoa Metro

Location: Auburndale, MA

Husband and wife team Mike and Lizzy love chocolate and it shows in their product, Cocoa Metro Dark Drinking Chocolate. This premium drinking chocolate is made with surprisingly few ingredients, the way chocolate milk should be! It’s the perfect combo of dark Belgian chocolate, fresh milk, evaporated cane juice and natural vanilla flavor. And the super cool retro glass bottle adds even more nostalgia to the chocolate milk drinking experience.

Read more about Cocoa Metro on the Whole Story Blog!

Cold Fusion Gelato

Location: Walpole, MA


Since 2004, Cold Fusion Gelato has been hand-making the highest quality artisan gelato and sorbet in New England. They source their ingredients as locally as possible and they are a small, family-owned business that strives to produce the best possible frozen dessert! The funds from the Local Producer Loan went to redesign their pint packaging and to purchase pre-printed packaging, enabling them to more rapidly meet demand!

Cormier's Kitchen

Location: Stoneham, MA

Marinate in minutes instead of hours with these flavor-concentrated cooking sauces.

Didi Davis Foods

Location: Ipswich, MA

Didi's creative salt blends, sugar blends, garnishes, syrups and flavored butters give your traditional dishes a new twist.

Fancypants Baking Company

Location: East Walpole, MA

Located just outside of Boston in East Walpole, Massachusetts, Fancypants Bakery proudly bakes delicious, hand-crafted cookies that are 100% natural and completely nut-free. 

Fancypants was founded in 2004 as the nation’s first dedicated peanut and tree nut free decorated cookie baking facility by husband and wife team Justin Housman and Maura Duggan.  The two started their company in their Boston, MA apartment with a passion to make sure that everyone – even those with nut allergies – can enjoy delicious cookies. All of Fancypants’ cookies are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives, flavors and dyes. The cookie dough is handmade from scratch daily by a team of talented cookie artisans who take great pride in their work – and, every batch is taste tested!  Fancypants Baking Co. is committed to making all of their cookies 100% safe for people with peanut and tree nut allergies. They will be using the loan to purchase and install a rack oven and 140 quart mixer.

Hedgie's Hot Stuff

Location: Greenfield, MA

After 20 years of making salsa for his family and friends, Steve Nelson finally caved in to the demands to make it a business. His two children came up with the name Hedgie's, named after a beloved pet hedgehog. Steve uses fresh local ingredients from nearby farms and his salsas are based on the habanero pepper which gives Hedgie's its sweet heat. Who tests the heat factor? Steve's children, of course, because this is a family run operation, passionate about salsa.

Highlawn Farm

Location: Lee, MA

High protein milk products from a 1300 acre farm in the Berkshires.

Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Location: Boston, MA

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Perfect Fuel produces delicious dark chocolate energy bites. Camping out the night before a triathlon in 2010, owner, Nicolas Warren, noticed he was missing his ginseng, an important part of his pre-race routine. He was taking ginseng regularly to support his endurance during training leading up to the race and was always snacking on chocolate. On his way back to the campsite, he wondered why he couldn’t mix his ginseng with his chocolate just like nuts, or into his trail mix just like chocolate. That would be one seriously healthy snack. Good dark chocolate is already a pure, delicious, super nutritious food for athletes. Adding ginseng for the extra health benefit would be…. Perfect.

The current Dark Chocolate Energy Bite is the perfect combination of nutritious cocoa and the vitality of North American ginseng. Perfect Fuel is expanding their products to include Espresso Energy Bites for a convenient natural boost, and Chia Energy Bites to stave off hunger with fewer than 80 calories. Perfect Fuel is all natural dark chocolate that is certified organic, made only with low glycemic coconut palm sugar and high in nutrients.

Pure7 Chocolate

Location: Carlisle, MA

Located in Carlisle, Massachusetts, Pure7 Chocolateexternal site produces handcrafted raw and organic honey-sweetened chocolate bars. Their bars are unprocessed, unrefined and free of chemicals, dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars. They can currently be found in the NA region.

Julie and Carrie, two devoted mothers with a passion for food, went in search of finding a chocolate that was both gourmet and healthy. When they couldn't find one, adventure and creativity guided their dreams of creating an organic raw chocolate, loaded with health benefits. Raw chocolate was brought to life in Julie’s farm house and Pure7 chocolate was born. It is their mission to provide artisan chocolate using the highest quality, organic, and all-natural ingredients to nourish the body. The LPLP funds will be used to purchase a custom-made chocolate tempering machine.

Quinn Popcorn

Location: Arlington, MA


Owned by husband and wife team, Justin Coulter and Kristy Lewis, Quinn Popcorn is microwave popcorn, reinvented. In 2010, they brought home their first son (Quinn!) and decided to take the traditional, chemical laden microwave popcorn and turn it on its head. They only use non-GMO, organic corn kernel, and their bag is stripped of everything but the paper. Plus, the bag is compostable! Quinn Popcorn currently has three distinct flavors to satisfy those sweet, savory, and salty urges; this is popcorn you can feel good about sharing with your family!

The loan from the Local producer loan went to start-up costs to assist Quinn Popcorn with their first full-scale production run. Read more on the Whole Story!


Location: South Natick, MA

Located in South Natick, Massachusetts, Shamanuti produces a natural and therapeutic skincare line. Shamanuti was established in August 2010 as a farmer's market offering. Its skincare line has proven highly effective, as many people have become passionate about products such as Activated Charcoal Cleanser, Seaweed Toner plant-rich Creme No. 1.

What makes Shamanuti unique is their commitment to the American landscape and its original formulations. The use of native botanicals reflects the respect held for this country's diversity and abundance and it employs cold-pressed processing over chemical extraction, never using natural identicals, adjuncts, fillers or extenders of any kind.

Part of Shamanuti's mission is to raise plant literacy in order to clear up the confusion about the efficacy and topical benefits of botanical ingredients. Shamanuti harnesses the power of plants at the intersection of nature and aesthetics, science and creativity. The actions are simple and practical.

Shy Brothers Farm

Location: Westport, MA

Located in Westport, MA, Shy Brothers Farm produces artisan cheese handmade by the Santos brothers. Exclusive to Whole Foods Market is the Cloumage®, a creamy fresh cows’ milk cheese that marries well with both sweet and savory flavors. They can currently be found in the NA region.Shy Brothers Farm was formed in 2006 to convert a third-generation dairy operation - which, at the time, sold bulk milk to a large dairy Cooperative - into a high quality, value-added and sustainable dairy. Westport is one of the last bastions of farmland in Massachusetts and the Santos (Shy) Brothers were at risk of losing their farm. Assisted by friends and now co-owners, Barbara Hanley and Leo Brooks, they all pulled together to find a way to sell their milk through high quality artisan cheese.

Sister Nadine's

Location: Boston, MA

Custard-like pies made from navy beans—a new Boston favorite from a hometown family recipe.

The Original Rangoon

Location: Norwell, MA

An array of delectable appetizers for your next special dinner including scallops wrapped in bacon and Crab Rangoon.

West County Cider

Location: Colrain, MA

Creators of a wide variety of hard ciders for the table, from very dry to sweet. Some have a champagne-like flavor, while others are more robust and all are made with apples grown from New England orchards.