Alexandra Avery

Portland, OR

Alexandra Avery Purely Natural Skin Care products have been locally made since 1974 with the highest quality ingredients to provide an effective and affordable 100% natural approach to skin care.  Alexandra began formulating on her 26-acre home in Jewel using organic herbs and flowers from her garden.  Her handcrafted products were sold exclusively at the Portland Saturday Market until 1976, when the products were picked up by local markets.  The line is found at Whole Foods, New Seasons Markets, Food Front and Local Goods here in Portland. We formulate in frequent small batches to ensure the freshest possible skin food.  Organic herbal extracts and essential oils are blended with plant and nut oils, rich in antioxidants to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.  Alexandra Avery Purely Natural is dedicated to sustainable practices using recyclable materials and packaging, soy ink print and a wind-powered facility.   All of our products are animal, cruelty and artificial free.