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Austin, TX

One scorching Austin, TX summer day back in 2009, University of Texas student Daniel Goetz needed something refreshing. Daniel couldn’t think of any options other than the Austin summertime staple, the sno-cone. At the sno-cone stand, Daniel asked the infamous question, “What’s in that syrup?” The employee responded with a shoulder shrug. Craving a more wholesome, delicious treat, Daniel searched out places who carried traditional Mexican-style paletas naturales or natural frozen fruit bars. What Daniel found put him in a similar predicament: artificial flavoring, coloring and ingredients he couldn’t even pronounce.

Two months later, GoodPopexternal site All-Natural Frozen Pops hit the farmers market. It wasn’t long before his GoodPops became well known amongst the city of Austin. Since those humble beginnings, GoodPop’s wholesome, mouth-watering frozen treats have become one of summer’s favorite treats!