High Road Craft Ice Cream

Atlanta, GA

Located in Atlanta, GA, two-time LPLP recipient, High Road Craftexternal site produces premium, artisan ice creams and sorbets with chef-driven flavors. High Road Craft was founded by Keith Schroeder and his wife, Nicki. They started off as a group of chefs who made ice cream for other chefs to serve in restaurants, hotels and resorts. Their delicious flavors proved so popular that it wasn’t long before they were selling their ice cream and pints at their factory store on the weekends. Soon after that, they started selling in retail. After 4 years, High Road has proven so popular that they had to build a brand new, state of the art, ice cream manufacturing facility in Atlanta. They are now able to pasteurize their own dairy in order to achieve a luscious texture and have an in-house kitchen in order to create all of their own mix-in ingredients.