Kosmic Kombucha

Austin, TX


Located in Austin, TX, Kosmic Kombucha produces a flavorful variety of kombucha teas. They can currently be found in the SW region.

Kosmic Kombucha is brewed with a blend of organic oolong and green teas. Their unique flavors are made with the freshest natural ingredients that add powerful nutrients needed for a healthy body. Their primary goal is to bring you the best kombucha they have to offer — one drink at a time.

Husband and wife team, Mina and Omar Rios, started their business in June 2010 by introducing their kombucha teas to parts of Austin’s yoga community. Omar, a yoga instructor, and Mina, a practitioner, thought this community would be the most enthusiastic and willing to try their artisan product. Kosmic Kombucha has 14 (and counting!) unique and inventive flavors. For example, Mint Julep is a tasty concoction of organic white grape juice, fresh squeezed with orange and lemon juices, with a splash of fresh mint.