Papou’s Kitchen

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Portland, ME - Founded 2008


Located in Portland, Maine, Papou’s produces Falafel products from scratch and sells them in our Frozen section and also in our Prepared Foods hot bars. Founded by Christos Zoulamis (aka Papou), upon his “retirement” from the restaurant industry in 2008, Papou’s first falafel customer was the Portland, Maine store. Zoulamis’ Falafel Toasties are all vegetarian with no preservatives, low in fat, all whole foods, fully baked and ready to heat and serve.

The products include baked, hamburger-sized falafel patties that can be heated up in a toaster, and chunkier patties of raw falafel that are meant to be cooked in a skillet. Having produced their products by hand for the last five years, they are using the proceeds from this loan to purchase equipment to significantly expand production capability to expand into more stores along the east coast!